Health and wellness are important at any age but takes an immediate forefront for senior-aged adults.

During their golden years, it’s critical for senior parents and loved ones to maintain their health as long as possible.

And if the senior in your life isn’t within a short car ride, it can be especially difficult to ensure they’re getting the support they need for good health.

However, you can set your mind at ease through the services of a companion care provider with Papa Pals!

Five senior health concerns—and elderly wellness tips


Seniors are at greater risk for different medical ailments and concerns.

By keeping some of the most prevalent health concerns in mind (and taking actions to help reduce their risks through wellness activates), seniors will hopefully be able to alleviate some of these concerns:

Slips, trips and falls

Unfortunately, falls can be common with the elderly, especially due to a loss of strength and balance.

Companion care provides the assistance seniors need to complete daily tasks, such as light housework and laundry, making it unnecessary for your senior parent to push themselves and attempt to complete tasks with which they now have difficulty.

Obesity and heart disease

Fitness tips for seniors include getting some exercise each day.

As we age, limited mobility can cause our weight to creep up, putting us at risk for illnesses such as heart disease.

When you partner with Papa, your assigned Papa Pal can help your elderly parent safely fit in activity during the day, such as a stroll through the park.


It’s healthy for seniors to stay social, and Papa Pals provide this outlet.

Companion care includes conversation, games, crafts and other activities that are important for a senior’s mental well-being.


Joint pain can limit the daily tasks an elderly adult can easily do, such as meal preparation and cleaning.

The help of a Papa Pal makes it easier for a senior to maintain their previous lifestyle.


An injury can be especially dangerous to a senior who suffers from weakened bones.

Osteoporosis (weakened bones) put the senior at risk for larger injuries resulting from mishaps or falls.

However, the support of an elderly care companion to complete daily tasks greatly reduces the possibility of a fall for your senior parent.

How to find reliable companion care services

If you’re concerned and need assistance providing the services your elderly loved one needs for good health and well-being, contact Papa.

Our Papa Pals are available to help and can be requested in advance or just when you need them most.

To start your free trial, contact us today!

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