How can Papa Pals help you and your senior loved ones?

Transportation: Papa Pals can help you or your senior loved ones with wherever you need: run errands, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, visit friends, going to the beach and more.

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Helping around the house: Papa Pals can help you or your senior loved ones with house chores: lite cleaning, laundry, cooking, doing the dishes, organizing a room, and much more.

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Teaching technology: Papa Pals can help you or your senior loved ones with technology: learn how to use a computer, a smartphone, social network or even that old DVD player.

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Great Social Experience: Papa Pals can show you or your senior loved ones an amazing social experience: reading a book, board games, watching a movie, a good conversation and more.

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Check-ins: Sometimes a simple check-in can go a long way. Often your family member doesn’t answer the phone and you get nervous. Request a Papa Pal to check-in on them for you.

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How Papa works?

Request a Papa Pal

Request a Papa Pal using our Papa mobile app, website, or just call us on the phone. There are no minimum hours and you can request a Papa Pal in advance.

Papa Pal visits member

Stay in full communication throughout the entire experience. If you need anything, ask your Papa Pal and they will be happy to help!

Have a great experience

We make senior’s days much more enjoyable. Papa Pals are like Grandkids On-demand. They are fun, energetic, and here to support you and your family.

Who are our Papa Pals?

Papa Pals are our team members, mainly college students with a passion for healthcare. Papa Pals go through a rigorous on-boarding process to ensure you that your loved ones are in safe hands. Some highlights of what makes a Papa Pal so special:

They don’t make your family member feel like they are being cared for. They will arrive with a Papa Pal shirt, jeans and sneakers

They are like Grandkids On-demand. They are all young, energetic, and excited to spend time with your loved one

They’re able to support a variety of needs while providing an amazing social experience


Ready to get started?

$9.99 Monthly Membership
+ $12/hour


Pay as you go $20/hour

Download the Papa App

Request Papa Pals, track and manage your experience. It’s that easy!

Papa Pals are so incredible.

Spending time with them makes me feel young again!


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