Whether your elderly parent needs someone to take a walk with in the park, play a game of checkers with, or someone to do light housekeeping — Papa has the perfect Papa Pal for the job.

Caregivers often want to devote more time to their aging parents, but due to their own work responsibilities, household chores, errands and social activities, finding the time to do so is often quite difficult. More often than not, senior citizens have friends who would love to help them out, but due to their own medical conditions they no longer have the ability to drive or the energy to assist. Finding dependable, attentive and fun assistants for your aging parent is now possible via our website.


Needs of Senior Citizens


As a caregiver for your elderly parents, it is likely that you can find the time to stop by for a visit with them in the evening or during the weekend, or to call them a few times during the week. But your love and moral support isn’t the only need that they have.

Senior citizens with health problems tend to have frequent doctor appointments and these can be very time-consuming once you pick up your parent, wait for a lengthy time at the doctor’s office, get prescriptions filled and then take your parent home. Your parents also needs to run errands that require that you go along, such as getting a haircut, banking, and shopping for groceries or their clothing needs. All of these things are quite time-consuming and can wipe out your vacation time from work at a rapid pace. Or the various errands can eat up all your free time during the evenings and weekends, so that you never seem to find time to relax and wind down from your work day. This can cause you undue stress, make you more prone to illness and resulting in a less than satisfactory quality of life.


How Papa Helps


Papa has made it their mission to provide quality assistance to senior citizens by hiring young, energetic, responsible and attentive staff members to help out with many of their needs. These Papa Pals are available at minimal prices to simply stop by your parents’ home to make sure they are doing OK. They also do larger tasks, such as walking the dog and taking your parents for errands or doctor’s visits. The Papa Pal can do light housecleaning when necessary. We also provide qualified staff members to do in-home medical care. All our staff members go through extensive background checks, which should provide you with peace of mind.


If your elderly parent is homebound, he or she likely misses the social aspects of his or her life. This includes time to socialize, attend church or other fun activities where they can interact with others. Papa recognizes that this basic need is crucial to their mental and physical well-being, and enables you to hire a Papa Pal to go by and simply visit with your parent. Whether your parent wants to reminisce by looking through old photo album, needs a partner for a game of chess or help with a computer or cell phone, or just craves a friendly chat, the Papa Pal is there to provide the fun social time that is crucial to your parent’s well-being.


We recognize that your aging parent is quite special to you and therefore, is special and important to us. You can keep in close contact with us via our handy mobile app, a text or a phone call. At Papa, you don’t just hire an impersonal assistant to provide a necessary service, you hire someone who will interact and bond with your aging parent and become their true friend.

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