About the Papa Team

Papa was built to provide an incredible experience by supporting seniors and their families throughout the aging journey.

Founded in 2016 in Miami, FL, Papa began due to a personal need that we had with our own family. Recognizing the extreme difficulty associated with juggling daily life and senior family member’s needs, Papa was initially built to support our own grandfather. We recognized how impactful and positive it was to connect our grandfather with a young, energetic, and enthusiastic individual. After the first visit, we knew we had something special to offer to the world.

Our focus as a company is to support seniors and their families throughout the aging journey. We do not believe that you need to be in the later stages of aging to get a little extra help or experience a wonderful day. We see socialization as the keys to a long and happy life. By having Papa Pals visit with seniors, we are creating a lasting connection that supports a majority of needs that they may have. We approach every visit with a Papa Pal as if it is for our own family.

Being a family caregiver

Everyone is either directly impacted or knows someone who is impacted by the requirements of being a family caregiver. This is an individual that is managing the bulk of responsibility associated with caring for a senior loved one. This family caregiver is likely a full-time employee and can’t alway be available to cater to the needs of their senior loved one. So we built Papa to support all the families out there just like ours.

We recognize how important high quality, attention to detail, and full transparency is to families. We also understand that ease of use and affordability are key to a great experience. These are some of the key pillars that Papa was built on.

Our promise

Our big promise to our members is that we will do everything in our power to make seniors feel young again. We don’t want members to feel like that are being cared for, because that’s not what we do. We provide freedom, friendship, and an amazing day. We may take a senior to the doctor, help with groceries, teach them how to use a computer, or run errands, but our focus is friendship. That is why we refer to our amazing team as Papa Pals. That’s exactly what they are, pals to you and your loved ones. They will arrive with a smile on their face, wearing a Papa Pal tee shirt and jeans, and excited to spend time with your senior loved ones.

We are excited to spend time with you and your loved ones. Welcome to the Papa family!

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