West Palm Beach is a beautiful city in the sun in south Florida. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country along with some of the best golf courses, so it’s no surprise that West Palm is consistently growing year over year.

This type of growth creates plenty of job opportunities, even for those still waiting to get their college education. You may not be “Corporate Executive of the Year” material, but you can most definitely find a part or full-time job that puts some money in your pocket. 

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand caregiver provider for senior populations across the country. The senior population continues to grow, especially in Florida, so this means that Papa is in continuing need to expand their Papa Pal workforce. The best part about working with Papa is that you get to make a real difference in other people’s lives. 

Palm Beach is home to a few of the elderly’s favorite things; beaches and golf course. This helps encourage a massive senior population in West Palm Beach and creates opportunity for people like you to contribute to their well-being. 

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2. Palm Beach Outlets

The Palm Beach Outlet Mall is home to over 141 stores all in one convenient location. It’s basically a mall on steroids. How is this relevant to you? Well, retail stores happen to be an excellent prospective employer for those who haven’t yet went to college and gotten a degree.

Convenience is king and the Palm Beach Outlet gives you an opportunity to make literally over 100 applications in one fell swoop. Take a day, walk the outlets, and you’re likely to have at least one or two job offers before end of business. 

3. Golf Courses

Believe it or not, golf courses have an array of employee opportunities well-suited for younger adults that haven’t yet gotten their college degree. Range attendant, barback, and pro-shop assistance are just a handful of the potential openings that are waiting to be filled by YOU!

West Palm Beach and the surrounding area is home to literally over 100 golf courses. So, with enough persistence there is no reason why you can’t find yourself a job. Start calling around and maybe you’ll end up with a job and a new hobby!

4. Fast Casual Dining 

No experience? No problem. Fast casual restaurants are popping up everywhere and they have much more laidback hiring protocol than a typical sit-down/dine-in restaurant. In fast casual restaurants there is much less customer to service interaction, so it’s almost more of a retail position than food service. Most of the jobs are light food prep, cashiers, or management positions.

West Palm Beach has a buzzing downtown filled with different types of eateries. Don’t be afraid to walk in and hand-deliver your resume to the manager on duty. It’s better than working the drive thru at McDonalds!

So, there you have it. Don’t let experience, age, or education hold you back any longer. There are opportunities out there for anyone willing to look hard enough!

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