Orlando is a growing city in central Florida most known for its tourism market through Disney or other theme parks. Now the city is growing into a major Florida market, and this is creating opportunity for all types of employment. 

Below are some suggestions for those who may not have a college degree, or are just getting their driver’s license. 

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand caregiver provider for senior populations across the country. The senior population continues to grow, especially in Florida, so this means that Papa in continuing need to expand their Papa Pal workforce. The best part about working with Papa is that you get to make a real difference in other people’s lives. It’s great to make some money while getting an education. It’s even better to truly impact people positively while you do it. 

Orlando is a huge city. The population continues to grow and become denser near the urban core. These types of evolution can be prohibitive for seniors who still enjoy socializing and staying active outside of their home. Papa is an extremely flexible employer and can provide an opportunity to anyone willing to contribute to their mission. Help yourself by helping people with Papa!

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2. Grocery Stores

No experience? No problem. Grocery stores are widely known for providing employment to people from all walks of life. My first job was bagging groceries at Publix at the ripe age of 14! Grocery stores have large employment needs for cashiers, stockers, and entry level management positions. This makes them a gold mine for your job hunt regardless of your age or qualifications. 

Every city has a farm of competing grocery stores, and Orlando is no exception. Make some calls and take a few visits to see if you can find yourself a job!

3. Malls

Malls are basically a giant housing facility of jobs ripe for younger people. You have 50 or more stores that are in constant need of stockers, salespeople, cashiers, and managers. Malls are crafted for younger shoppers, so that’s who the stores want to employ. 

Take a trip to your local mall and see what kind of opportunity you can find.

So, there you have it. Don’t let experience, age, or education hold you back any longer. There are opportunities out there for anyone willing to look hard enough!

4. Cleaning and Yardwork

Sometimes all it takes to find a job is willingness to do the work. Cleaning and yardwork are jobs that you can do at any age and with any level of experience. They even pay well when stacked up next to minimum wage, and they’re typically paid out in cash. 

There are man different ways to go about getting started in this business. Craigslist, flyers, or online ads are a few suggestions to help find potential clients. Once you get started, referrals can grow a side job into a full-time business in no time. Take the initiative and create your own job opportunities today!

So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and go out there to find yourself a job. Click here to learn more about Papa. 


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