Best Jobs for College Students in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the most northern county of the “South Florida” region and is known for its golf courses and equestrian facilities. However, between FAU and Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach is home to a rapidly growing student population. If you belong to that student population and are looking for suggestions on where to find a job, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand caregiver provider for senior populations across the country. Another known characteristic of Palm Beach is its senior population. That provides additional demand and opportunity for students living in the area. The best part about working with Papa is that you get to make a real difference in other people’s lives. It’s great to make some money while getting an education. It’s even better to truly impact people positively while you do it.

Our seniors are often disregarded or simply not given the amount of care and attention they need. Papa plans to fix that, and they’d love your help. With flexible hours, a strong support network, and real human experience, Papa is a perfect job option for college students. 

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2. Camp Counselor

There is something nostalgic about camp counselors. Memories of summer camps with friends and looking up to the counselors who were the coolest adults we knew. Now, believe it or not, you’re old enough to be one of those adults.

Camps are always in search of young, energetic adults who can manage and entertain younger kids for camp programs. Surfing, tennis, and golf are just a few specific areas that are popular around Palm Beach. Sounds fun right? These jobs can often be full-time gigs that provide an atypical solution to a college student looking for work.  

3. Entry Level Corporate

Ok, the prospect of being an administrative assistant may not excite you.

But, if you can find a gig at a firm that aligns with your College Major, it could provide usable experience and opportunities. Palm Beach has a strong Central Business District and corporate presence. Florida Crystal, Banking, and the healthcare industry are some of the areas largest employers. There might not be an immediate position that qualifies as a dream job, but it never hurts to get your foot in the door and see if you can’t grow into a position that aligns more with your ambitions.

4. Hospitality

Along with the beaches and golf courses of Palm Beach come the resorts and hotels. Boca Resort, The Breakers, or PGA National are just a few examples of resorts that would be anyone’s dream to work in. There are hundreds of other hotels that can also provide a nice living for a college student in search of some financial independence.

These gigs often offer opportunities for growth within the facility or company and come with some sweet perks like discounted rooms or food at the restaurants. Shoot your shot and give a handful of resorts a call to see if they have any opportunities for a motivated young adult.  

So, there you have it. No more excuses for sitting around thinking about the new shoes you need or the bills you can’t pay. Get out there and go get a job that is suitable for you. 

senior_woman and caregiver embrace

Supporting Senior Caregivers In Keeping Their Sense of Self

Older Caregivers Need Encouragement

Older adults who are caregivers, whether they are spouse or friend, can find themselves in a “cloak of invisibility” as they lose touch with their identity.

There are ways to help senior citizens who are taking care of a loved one.

At the end of a long day, they may be weary and overburdened. Some would say overwhelmed.

Yet no matter what the issues older caregivers deal with, it is vital for a senior caregiver to retain a sense of self. It may take some support and planning, but it can be done.

Challenges Faced by Senior Caregivers

When the senior caregiver is a spouse or otherwise clearly identified with the patient, people will sometimes accost the caregiver with questions.

They may ask, “How is _______? (the patient) or “Tell me how things are going with ____________? (the patient) and other similar questions and comments.

More and more conversations become only about the patient.

Although done with kindness and caring, the senior caregiver begins to feel invisible.

No doubt the patient needs attention and the kindness of others. However, these acts of caring can lead to an unexpected and unplanned consequence.

Harry Potter would call it a “cloak of invisibility.”

The caregiver begins to find the sense of self-slipping away.

Support groups and maintaining social connections including caregiver conferences may aid in dealing with this troubling phenomenon.

Friends in church or the community can offer to help at times in order to provide respite for the senior caregiver.

Early in the process of a senior’s long-term illness, it is quite appropriate to focus mainly on the patient.

However, there needs to be a point where the adrenalin-driven energy slows down and a routine set in which includes maintaining the health of the caregiver.

Some doctors contend that caregivers are at risk for a debilitating illness which can make them unable to care for the original patient.

This would underscore the necessity of achieving balance and health for this person who is caring for a senior who is ill.

Senior Caregivers Letting Go While Holding On

One of the greatest challenges of a senior’s caregiving journey is to hold on to what must be done while letting go of other things.

This may involve holding on to daily routines for the patient while revising social schedules and the usual habits of daily living.

It could be making the end of life plans while holding on to some pleasantness in lifestyle. Or it could show up as giving the best care possible while accepting certain decisions the patient makes like eating some foods which may not be nutritious but are deal-breakers as to living contentedly.

This letting go while holding on seems to be controlling what must be done while continuing to give the patient a degree of control of their own life and illness. Quite a challenge!

One way for friends and family to help senior caregivers keep their sense of self is to also ask “How are you doing with the sudden changes in your life?” or similar questions which include the caregiver in the content of the conversation.

Such inquiring about the caregiver too helps prevent that person from feeling invisible. Keeping connected with others is a vital “vitamin for the soul” of the senior caregiver.

Listening and encouraging can go a long way toward helping the caregiver maintain health and emotional identity.

This sense of self-enables this older adult, whose plate is already full of tasks, to find that breath of fresh air which helps keep seniors and others going in hard times.

Seek Help and Respite Options

Papa is finding ways to marry cutting-edge technology for scheduling, payments, and online security with the age-old yet essential desire of seniors everywhere for time, attention, and kind helpfulness.

This may be a good day to reach out for support in the caregiving journey.