senior doing laundry

Seniors Organizing for the Next Phase of Life

Storage units are sitting full and accumulating dust across the continent, and even in this economy seniors keep bringing bags of new stuff into their homes.

Maybe this is a good time to organize.

Many seniors have dealt with lifestyle changes including their schedules, budget, even social and community activities.

Perhaps this is an appropriate time of life to consider updating their belongings and all the stuff that may take over their life if not put in its updated place.

Possible Goals of Seniors Who Get Organized

There are a number of possible reasons for senior citizens to make a commitment to organizing their environment.

Many seniors move to a smaller place, presenting a great opportunity to make updated decisions about each item they have to pack.

Even when seniors are not moving, reclaiming living space can offer quite an improvement in both comfort and stress relief in everyday living.

Another prime reason for older adults to become more organized is safety.

It is well known that stacks of stuff seem to grow and take on a shape of their own, becoming more daunting with time.

Such items seem to gather in places where they can cause tripping. Since falls are one of the most feared dangers of life for seniors, this is a significant reason to begin taking steps toward organizing.

Other reasons for getting organized include not being embarrassed to enjoy company, inability to keep a clean house, fear of being reported.

And even allergies which can be aggravated regularly by aging possessions (some of which are not contributing to a senior's current lifestyle).

Reasons Many Seniors Avoid Getting Organized


Avoidance by many older adults who know they need to become more organized for the above reasons and others.

Then over time, it seems more and more foreboding– which leads to more avoiding.


Sentimentality is one of the main reasons seniors avoid getting organized.

Holding onto stuff no longer needed can make an older adult feel a remaining closeness to an event or person they cherished.

It's overwhelming

Some feel overwhelmed at the task which seems to be huge.

Even when they want to do it, they get tired thinking about it and don't know how to approach the process.

Physical Effort

The physical task of doing the work can also be a challenge.

Value issues

What has value and how much?

Advantages of Older Adults Living an Organized Lifestyle


Safety is the bonus of an organized environment since too much stuff encroaches on walking space. Items on the floor can cause trips or falls.

Also, climbing or crawling to retrieve things will be greatly reduced with an organized system.


Cash generated or tax deduction received by selling or giving to charity items no longer in use.

Helping others

Helping others gives a nice feeling to the senior who shares with people who need these things.


Not leaving countless possessions for family members to process upon death or disability offers a comfort to many seniors seeking to be organized.

The personal satisfaction a senior can experience by sharing such items while still alive is of great value.

There is pleasure in seeing the joy of the recipient, be it family or friends.

There are many older adults who are facing or will battle with the challenge of getting organized.

Seniors and others in modern society know how to put stuff into their environment (shopping, etc.) but know much less about how to cycle possessions out of the system.

Professional organizers may be a big help in setting their goals for organizing, especially including the need for safety.

Confront their avoidance issues, and move through the problems to see the advantages of living in an organized household.

As the steps of becoming organized and downsizing become more clear and focused, a professional organizer or friend can help to break it down into small steps, which are doable.

Then it may be time to visit and hire a Papa Pal to help you organize, which will bring pleasure and comfort to the senior involved.

Then don't forget to stop and celebrate an uncluttered and less stressful life.