How to Motivate Seniors to Participate in Activities

Getting seniors more active and involved is one of the most impactful services Papa can provide. There are endless benefits to physical and social activities for the elderly including: more confidence, reduced risk of heart disease, longer life, and more. 

Often, we find that finding an activity suitable for a senior comes with ease and motivating them to participate can be the bigger challenge. Seniors can sometimes feel embarrassed to participate in any physical activity because of their age or shape. The longer they spend without exercising, the more compounded these feelings become. 

That’s why it is important for Papa Pals to quickly work on getting their elderly companions involved. It’s never too late to try and get your loved ones involved, but the sooner the better! Below are some tips on how to help make it happen!

Find Something They’re Passionate About

We all find it much more enjoyable to spend time doing things we care about. Seniors are the same way. Not everyone is naturally inclined towards typical exercise like aerobics or swimming. Some seniors may prefer golf, or even dancing for example. There are plenty of ways to exercise, so don’t feel as though your options are limited. The most important part is getting seniors to do something outside of their house that involves movement! We want to make sure seniors aren't feeling lonely. The easiest way to accomplish that is to figure out what they enjoy doing or used to enjoy doing.  

Try talking to your loved ones about what they did as child growing up. Maybe they used to go biking with their family or played tennis with their friends. Conversations are the portal to finding out what people care about. If you can find their passion, it will be much easier to get them up and active!

Set Smaller Goals

Accomplishment is a wonderful source of motivation. Often, we make big plans, set ambitious goals, and can feel a sense of failure if we don’t meet them. You should take an approach that creates small accomplishments when planning activities with our beloved seniors. Setting up your loved ones for success is a strategy we should utilize. 

By setting small, achievable goals you cultivate feelings of success, confidence, and momentum. Make your first goal something simple like, “Signing up for one yoga class”. If that particular activity sticks, you can start thinking bigger and build upon your success. Momentum is a powerful tool and that’s exactly what you create by keeping your goals in the form of small, achievable steps!

Cultivate a Social Environment

Positive reinforcement from friends and colleagues help create motivation and confidence. Group settings are a great way to help nudge seniors to participate in more physical activities. Social interaction also creates an entirely independent benefit outside of the physical component. Developing a network of friends with common interests is a huge contributor to happiness, regardless of your age!

Most senior centers offer group classes for a plethora of difference activities. You should encourage your loved ones to begin with a group class, and as they develop a social network, they will have more compulsion to continue. Papa provides transportation to-and-from for seniors to nourish new relationships. Accountability, companionship, social engagement, and overall enjoyment will all improve by focusing on physical activities that simultaneously cultivate a social environment. 

Inform them of the Benefits

This advice sounds simple but can be extremely effective. There are plenty of major benefits to physical activity for seniors. Sometimes laying them out in black and white can motivate seniors to create these positive habits in their lives. It also shows that you care about their well-being and aren’t simply trying to get them preoccupied with “senior activities”. 

Demonstrating compassion and concern for well-being is a great way to motivate your loved ones to at least give physical exercise a chance. That’s the hardest part. Once they’ve found something enjoyable, and create the habit for themselves, it often continues all on its own. Sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with your elderly loved ones and I’m sure you’ll find your concern well-received. 

The Papa Purpose

Here at Papa we are committed to improving the lives of seniors across the country. Caring for our elderly requires a different approach, and an understanding that their needs are different from our own. 

Some of those needs are not always easily met. They can be met with resistance, or flat out rejection. Utilizing these techniques can help create a healthier life for your loved ones. Physical activities can improve confidence, physical health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. That’s what Papa is all about!


Activities for Seniors in Harrisburg

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Harrisburg

Harrisburg is a true American city. It serves as the capital of Pennsylvania and sits on the Susquehanna River. Harrisburg is the center of the greater metro area that is home to over 570,000 people. Historic Museums, beautiful parks, and delicious eats are just some of what you can find in Harrisburg.

The city of Harrisburg is known for its industrious culture and played a major role in the Civil War and the industrial revolution. Harrisburg today is ranked the #39 Best Place to Retire by the US News and World Report. So, appropriately, there are plenty of fun and senior-friendly activities to take part in!

If you’re looking for a place to start, we always recommend checking out the local senior centers. There you can see what types of events are planned and get some additional guidance on how best to spend your time in Harrisburg.


The Pennsylvania Department of Aging is not exactly a local senior center, but it serves as the greater authority on enriching the lives of seniors throughout the state. This government affiliated department organizes and coordinates the efforts within the entire state of Pennsylvania and helps improve the quality of life for seniors. Checking out the PDA website and resources is a perfect start to seeing what opportunities are available for you to enjoy.  

Rutherford House

The Rutherford House is a local, community senior center with a wholesome family feel. Their mission is to encourage ongoing independence for those 55 and older.

Heinz-Menaker Senior Center

The Heinz Senior Center is the metro-area’s oldest running senior center. They run programs focused on health, social well-being, and education. They host special events so check out their website to see what they have scheduled!

If you’re looking to navigate your own outdoor adventures, I recommend considering some of the most popular, senior-friendly stops in Harrisburg such as:

Fort Hunter Mansion & Park

The Fort Hunter Mansion & Park brings together American history, beautiful scenery, and local nostalgia. The park has over 40 acres of walkable nature trails, children’s play areas, and sits on the Susquehanna River.

City Island

City Island is a mile-long island in Harrisburg that is home to bike trails, boat rentals, and even miniature golf. It is fun for people of all ages and can be a perfect day-time getaway.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is park, an event venue, and a perfect spot for biking, jogging, or walking to enjoy the scenic trails. It runs along the Susquehanna River and provides beautiful views of the best Harrisburg has to offer.  

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a fun and peaceful activity, perfect for a relaxing day outdoors. Cumberland Valley is only a hop and a skip from Harrisburg and is famous for its fly-fishing. Yellow Breeches, Big Spring, and Opossum Lake are a few spots to get you started. Enjoy a coming together of nature, sport, and relaxation.

Fun Activities for Seniors in Harrisburg

Harrisburg is a wonderful city for seniors to enjoy in all capacities. Their downtown offers a quiet and dynamic experience that’s suited for people of all ages. Block parties, delicious restaurants, and cultural celebration is all awaiting you in Harrisburg.  

Restaurants and Bars in Harrisburg for Seniors

Harrisburg may not be a renown foodie HQ, but it provides plenty of options for seniors to enjoy great meals and drinks in a variety of settings. Fun, active, and low-key are the best ways to describe the options listed below.

Broad Street Market

The Broadstreet Market is just another example of the history you can find in Harrisburg. It is the oldest continuously operated market in the United States and originally opened in 1860. The market is home to over 40 vendors and a spot to grocery shop, or go to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Experience the rich culture of Broadstreet Market.


In terms of Harrisburg food scenes, SoMa is the hot spot these days. SoMa is a cultural party of art, music, food, and drink. This neighborhood is meant to be enjoyed by everyone; seniors included. Take a walk around and follow your stomach!

While you’re enjoying the food and beverage scene of Harrisburg, make sure to check out some of the local breweries. There are plenty of options all within walking distance of downtown.

Cultural Activities for seniors in Harrisburg

Harrisburg was a major training center for Union soldiers during the Civil War. It also served as a major logistics headquarters thanks to its location along the railroads. This historic role has ingrained an American tradition within the city. There is plenty of rich and satisfying cultural activities worth enjoying in Harrisburg.

Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg is an American treasure. They proudly present an unbiased, and humanitarian look at both sides of the war to celebrate its historic significance. As a senior you qualify for discounts. Make sure you take full advantage of this!

The Great American Outdoor Show

This event only takes place one a year but must be mentioned as a cultural icon in Harrisburg. People travel across the globe to take part or simply watch the celebration of outdoor sport. Hunters, anglers, campers, and overall outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy seminars, events, and an experience like no other.

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

The Whitaker Center is fun time for the entire family. They feature hands-on exhibits, and host concerts in their performance venue. The Whitaker Center proudly serves the community education, and entertainment since 1999. Make sure to plan your trip in advance and coordinate your trip with one of their live shows!

Theatre Harrisburg

Theatre Harrisburg has been a marquee community theatre since it opened in 1926. You can enjoy some of their productions at both the previously mentioned Whitaker Center and their Krevsky Production Center.

With so many senior-friendly activities, we want you to visit Harrisburg, PA.


Best Summer Jobs in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a renowned south Florida city and known for its abundant golf courses, beautiful resorts, and overall relaxed environment. If you’re looking for a summer gig to help pay the bills, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of opportunities. Check out the options below!

1. Papa Pal


Papa is an on-demand service for seniors in need of a little help doing errands, getting around, or just in search of some companionship. Our team gets the luxury of flexible hours and no long-term commitments making it a perfect summer gig. Even greater than that, Papa offers people a chance to impact the lives of the elderly and make a positive difference.

West Palm has a notoriously large elderly population, and that number continues to grow. Papa is in always in search of young, upbeat adults to join their family. There is so much to enjoy in the city of West Palm Beach like museums, theatre, and historic neighborhoods. You could be the key that opens the door for seniors to bring that joy back into their life.

Apply here

2. Golf Caddy

Ok, so not everyone finds golf that interesting. But, if you do, then caddying at one of the many country clubs in West Palm could be your perfect summer job. Not only do you get paid hourly, but caddies often receive generous tips and enjoy fulfilling conversations with their assigned golfers.

Caddies are also typically given deep discounts or free rounds of golf to play for themselves. So, if you’re a golfer, that a definite plus! Be judicious with the advice you give to the players, embrace the experience, and enjoy one of the more unique summer gigs you can find in West Palm Beach!

3. Internship

Internships are no longer simply unpaid assistant positions serving coffee and setting appointments for executives. Internships in the modern work-world are commonly paid and focused on providing tangible experience that can serve you in the future. The best part is that you can work in a field specific to your interests.

West Palm had a broad range of corporate establishments in their central business district. That means whether you’re into real estate, finance, or even something in the arts, you’ll be able to find a related company in the city. Take some initiative, make some outbound calls, and you may be able to create your own summer intern position!

4. Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camps are the queen bee of seasonal employers. Kids are out of school and parents need to keep them busy. It's important for summer programs to hire many people over the summer so the influx of children are easier to manage.

If you're up for arts and crafts, sport-themed, and outdoor camps then this would be a great summer job for you.

Well, there you have it! Don’t waste your whole summer laying by the pool or watching Netflix. Take advantage of the time off and go make some extra cash. Your future you will appreciate it!

Learn more about Papa here

Activities for Seniors in Kansas City

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Kansas City

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and one of the most populated in the country. The city is home to almost 500,000 people and was recently ranked #49 as one of the country’s “Best Places to Retire” according to US News & World Reports.

Kansas City is especially known for its rich and diverse history that lives through its soulful jazz scene. The city’s unique brand of BBQ is a claim to fame as well. Kansas City offers its residents a beautiful city geography as it sits at the coming together of both the Kansas and Missouri Rivers.

There is plenty of senior-friendly activities to do in Kansas City from breweries to parks to rich cultural exhibits. We’ll cover them all below, but a great place to start are with the local senior centers that serve the community day-in and day-out.

MARC – Mid-America Regional Council

The MARC program services over 100 cities and is the main oversight in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Think of MARC as an umbrella of oversight on the several localized senior centers.

Don Bosco Senior Center

Don Bosco serves seniors in Kansas City who are either over the age of 60 or living with a disability. They are the largest and most comprehensive senior city in the Kansas City area and provides over 500 meals a day through different methods. They also provide educational, socialization, and health & wellness services.

If you’re looking to schedule your own activities, at Papa we recommend considering some of the most popular stops in Kansas City listed below. The city isn’t exactly known for it’s outdoorsy spirit, but we’ve found some great options for seniors looking to get their dose of fresh air and sunshine.  

Ewing & Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

The Ewing & Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden is a legacy to Kansas City culture. It sits on over 2 acres and is home to a beautiful botanical exhibit with fountains and walkways. You’ll be hard spent to find a more beautiful setting in the heart of Kansas City.

Loose Park

Loose Park is another one of Kansas City’s most acclaimed natural exhibits. This park is over 75 scenic acres and has historical significance as a previous battleground during the Civil War. Loose Park is a perfect daytrip for the entire family and even has its own Rose Garden.

Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park

Kansas City’s Riverfront Park is a perfect fit for those who enjoy walking along more aquatic scenery. This trail is perfect for strollers or bikers who want to get a feel for the city. You can rent parks or enjoy the tables for a midday picnic.

Swope Park

First of all, you need to understand that Swope Park is much more than just a park. This public amenity sits on over 1,805 acres and is the 51st largest municipal park in the entire United States. Swope Park is home to the Starlight Theatre, a PGA Caliber Golf Course, and the Kansas City Zoo. Make sure to give yourself multiple days to enjoy a plethora of senior-friendly activities within the Swope Park. There is nothing in Kansas City quite like it!

Fun Activities for Seniors in Kansas City

Kansas City is well-rounded and dynamic American city. It has an active Downtown along with a rich cultural influence of arts, music, and history. People of all ages, especially seniors, will find there is plenty of fun activities to enjoy that are unique to Kansas City.

Restaurants and Bars in Kansas City for Seniors

Kansas City is home to some of the best barbeque in the country. The city is also home to a slew of breweries, wineries, and grand public spaces that create a fantastic culinary environment. Below are some of our suggested places to grab a bite and a beer.

City Market

City Market is one of the largest public farmer’s markets in the entire Midwest United States. This public forum has been around since 1857 and is home to over 30 vendors, 140 farmer stalls, events, and of course some of the freshest produce you can find. Dancing, arts, or antique cars are just a few things you may find when you plan your lunch for City Market.

39th Street West "Restaurant Row"

39th Street is one of Kansas City’s major east/west thoroughfares and has been dubbed Restaurant Row. Needless to say 39th Street is an absolute must if you’re looking to enjoy the best of what Kansas City has to offer. The district is home to a vast amount of local shops and restaurants to satisfy whatever your stomach desires.  

Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza, or simply known as “The Plaza” is one of Kansas City’s favorite districts. It has been established since 1922 and is home to some of the higher-end housing and shopping in Kansas City. If you or your senior companions are akin to the finer things, there is no better way to spend a day than enjoying the shopping and dining options of The Plaza.

Cultural Activities for seniors in Kansas City

Kansas City is rich with American history and has nurtured a booming art scene that gives its vintage feel a modern twist. Below are some senior-friendly stops where you can take it all in.

Union Square

Union Square is one of Kansas City’s most popular attractions. It has so much to offer that it’s almost hard to properly put into words. At Union Square you can find rotating exhibits, new and old movies played in their own Theatre District, and over 850,000 square feet of architectural beauty. This local treasure was originally built in 1914 and was wonderfully renovated in 1996 to provide the city with its true cultural center piece.

National WWI Museum and Memorial

This American Museum is one of Kansas City’s most prominent historical exhibits. This institution remembers, interprets, and maintains the history of World War One. It continues to educate the future generations and is absolutely worth a day trip.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is the coming together of art and community in Kansas City. There are over 40,000 works of art in this beautiful facility that touches both domestic and international culture. Admission is free, so there is no reason not to spend a day or two taking in all the Nelson-Atkins Museum has to offer.

Kauffman Center

Kauffman Center is the premier performance center in Kansas City. It is known as one of the World’s Most Beautiful Concert Halls and functions as a non-profit organization. The Kauffman Center is a recently constructed facility that was built in 2011. It hosts plays, concerts, Broadway performances, and offers a fantastic amenity to Kansas City. The concert hall is beautiful enough that you might want to arrive an hour before your event just to take a tour.

With so many senior-friendly activities, we want you to visit Kansas City, Missouri.

Activities for Seniors in Lansing, Michigan

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Lansing Michigan

Lansing is the capital city of Michigan and the fifth largest city in the state. Lansing is ranked as the #41 “Best Place to Live” from US News and is home to the Michigan State University Spartans. The Grand River serves as the main divider for the different neighborhoods of Lansing as well as a beautiful natural landmark.

Whether you’re looking for good eats or fun ways to spend a weekend, local senior centers are your best starting point. Lansing is home to several established senior centers that coordinate events and provide services to the senior population.

Meridian Senior Center –The Meridian Senior Center has a strong belief in the importance of staying active both physically and socially for senior well-being. They serve meals, host informational demonstrations, and orchestrate fun activities.

Prime Time Senior’s Program­ –  Prime-Time Senior's Program is a nationally accredited program organized by Michigan State University. Prime Time Senior’s Program has over 200 wellness programs committed to providing extraordinary care and services to the senior population of Lansing and beyond.

If you’re looking to schedule your own activities, I recommend considering some of the most popular stops in Lansing listed below.

Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo is an absolute staple of Lansing Michigan. It’s home to over 100 species of animals and offer private meet and greets in case you want to get up close and personal. Potter Park even hosts a sip and tour with wine provided! Potter Park Zoo is family friendly and always a good time. Make sure you stop by!

River Trail

River Trail is a paved parkway for bikers and other alternative transportation methods. It runs for over 20 miles and can take you anywhere you want to go! Beyond that, River Trail is a beautiful scenic path that can serve as a highway for several other parks and activities. Take it to the zoo, Hawk Island Park, or Old Town!


For senior's in Lansing there is a wide variety of championship courses, and senior-friendly courses. Groesbeck even offers a senior rate which is uncommon for most courses. Join the senior's league at, Morrison Lake Golf Club and be a part of their weekly meet ups.

The Michigan Princess

If you want the true Grand River experience, you must check out the Michigan Princess. A true 5-star experience, The Michigan Princess is a fully enclosed steamboat that takes river cruising to a whole new level. The Michigan Princess hosts several events each week where seniors can enjoy dinner, music, and entertainment all while enjoying a beautiful view.

Carl G Fenner Nature Center 

The Fenner Nature Center is a non-profit organization focused on conserving the beautiful wildlife of Michigan. Through education, appreciation, and commitment, the Fenner Nature Center has earned a fantastic reputation throughout Lansing. They host events as well as public programs. If you’re looking for a scenic day outdoors there is no better spot to enjoy than the Carl G Fenner Nature Center.

Fun Activities for Seniors in Lansing

Lansing Michigan is filled activities for the entire family, seniors included. Shopping, music, and sports are some of the categories that Lansing's proud to host. Lansing is known for having big city amenities and a local feel. If you’re looking for fun activities that can be enjoyed any time of year, take a look at the list below.

Restaurants and Bars in Kalamazoo for Seniors

The East Lansing Farmers Market is a must-see if you’re looking for farm-fresh groceries or a quick bite. All the food is 100% homegrown and enjoyable over the sound of live music. Make sure you put some time aside to enjoy the scene, and remember they’re only open on Sundays!

Old Town in Lansing is a local’s favorite when it comes to foodie neighborhoods. Old Town is filled with historic significance and the city has taken it upon themselves to ensure that history is protected and celebrated. Whether you’re looking for coffee, steaks, or pizza; Old Town is a great place to spend the day and grab lunch or dinner.

Cultural Activities for seniors in Lansing Michigan

As the capital of Michigan, Lansing is a city rich with history and culture. Festivals, museums, and arts all an integral part of Lansing’s identity. Everyone has their own interests, but below are some of our best recommendations for cultural activities around Lansing.

Michigan State Capital

Lansing is home to the Michigan State Capital building, and it is absolutely worth a visit. Originally opened in 1879, the Capital received an award-winning restoration in 1992 when it was declared a National Landmark. Plan a tour and appreciate the American history that often goes unappreciated.

E. Olds Transportation Museum

The Transportation Museum is a local favorite and speaks to the automobile identity of Michigan. Recognized as one of the ten best auto museums in the United States, Old Transportation Museum is a perfect way to spend a day. You’ll see some of the rarest cars in the world and make memories you’ll never forget.

Sculpture Walk

The Sculpture Walk of Lansing Michigan is a fun way to get some exercise and appreciate the local arts efforts within Lansing. Home to over 30 locally made sculptures, the trail runs right through downtown.

Turner Dodge Heritage House

The Turner Dodge Heritage House is a nod to the progressive leaders of early Michigan that helped create the culture we enjoy today. This home is available for tours and private events and is a perfect spot to reminisce with family about the origins of Michigan. 

With so many senior-friendly activities, we want you to visit Lansing, Michigan. Request a Papa Pal and venture out to these places.





Best ways to help seniors aging in place

Being able to stay in their own home is important to many senior citizens. But this goal can get harder to accomplish as they get older and lose the ability to perform certain tasks. That doesn’t mean they necessarily have to move in with family or to a retirement home. It just means they need a little extra help, which you or other trusted adults can provide in the following ways.

Help Seniors Around the House

Many seniors aging in place eventually lose the ability to cook or clean, so they might need some dependable & fun assistance for your aging parent. If you live nearby and have a little time to spare, you can stop by regularly to straighten out their house and perform tasks like taking out the trash and doing the dishes and laundry. Dropping off precooked meals that will last a few days would be a big help, too, ensuring they’re not constantly ordering pizza or getting fast food every day because they can no longer cook. Of course, many people don’t have the time to perform these tasks for elderly loved ones on a regular basis, which is why you can hire a Papa Pal to do it for you as often as necessary.

Deliver Groceries and Other Necessities for Seniors

Your elderly loved one may need help keeping the essentials in stock. That includes everything from food and drinks to toilet paper and light bulbs. If you don’t have time to take your family member shopping once a week, a Papa Pal can do it as often as your relative needs. He or she can even help your loved one learn to use technology like Amazon to order household goods and groceries.

Make the House Safer for Seniors

If you want some peace of mind as a loved one ages in place, you should ensure the environment is safe. This is as simple as installing support rails in the bathroom, such as next to the toilet and shower. You can even install toilets, counters, and sinks that are a little higher so your elderly relative doesn’t have to bend very far to use them. Adding extra lighting and making sure floors are not slippery can also help keep your loved one safe while aging in place. And of course, you can hire Papa Pals to check on him or her frequently if you’re ever worried about safety at home.

Provide Social Opportunities for Seniors and Caregivers

Staying social is an important part of aging in place since seniors can easily get depressed when they have no contact with the outside world. Your loved one would likely appreciate you and other adults visiting often, even just to talk and especially to listen. You can also set up outings, such as to local stores, the mall, movies, and restaurants. But you don’t have to be your relative’s only friend. In fact, it’s important to ensure they make other friends who share similar interests. You can help with this by signing up your relative for a local senior center and making sure they have a ride there on a regular basis. In addition, Papa Pals can provide transportation to social activities, and they also serve as a new friend to talk to when your loved one is feeling lonely.

If you live far away from your aging loved one, or you simply don’t have time to regularly check in, you can still provide quality care by hiring someone to perform these helpful tasks. At Papa, we’re happy to provide on-demand personal help to seniors aging in place. Papa Pals are enthusiastic, friendly and able to help with everything from grocery shopping and cooking to transportation and good conversation. Contact us today to schedule a Papa Pal to offer the help your loved one needs.