Best Summer Jobs in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known as the yachting capital of the world. Packed beaches, upscale retail, and an ocean-living culture are what makes up this busy south Florida city. Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have the year-round tourism like other parts of the state, but you’ll find there are plenty of summer job opportunities awaiting those who look in the right spots.

Some of our suggestions are below.

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand service for seniors in need of a little help doing errands, getting around, or just in search of some companionship. Our team gets the luxury of flexible hours and no long-term commitments making it a perfect summer gig. Even greater than that, Papa offers people a chance to impact the lives of the elderly and make a positive difference.

Fort Lauderdale has a huge elderly population on its own and borders a few sleepy beach towns to the north and south. This means that Papa is especially interested in building its Fort Lauderdale team and doing more for the community.  

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2. Marine Industry

The expression goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. In Fort Lauderdale, they do boating, so that’s where we suggest you go looking for a summer gig. There are plenty of marinas around the city and associated restaurants, bars, offices, and other related employee opportunities.

This industry is more come and go than your typical 9 to 5, so a seasonal schedule will work just fine. Also remember these types of gigs may not always be posted online. Don’t be afraid to go in-person and find the job for yourself!

3. Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camps are the queen bee of seasonal employers. Kids are out of school and parents are trying to keep them busy. That's why summer camps are in need of counselors and assistants to create a fun place for kids. 

Fort Lauderdale is a family-oriented city. Families means kids, kids mean summer camps, and summer camps mean JOBS! Check out the online listings or the local recreation centers to see what kind of programs are coming up. What personal interests do you have? Use those ideas to help you figure out which camps you want to apply for. 

4. Start Your Own Side Hustle

Fort Lauderdale is a diverse city with young professionals, established families, and people of all demographics. This type of melting pot can create the perfect environment to let your entrepreneurial sprit fly free!

Do you like to design logos? How about paint personal portraits? Maybe you’re technology-oriented and can help people organize their digital lives? The opportunities are quite literally endless, and the summer is a perfect time to take a shot. It may not be the highest paying job day 1, but if you get some traction you never know where it could end up. Come up with an idea, find your clients, and get to work!

Well, there you have it! Don’t waste your whole summer at the beach or watching Netflix. You know you can do that after your job. It's time you take advantage of the time off and go make some extra cash. Your future you will appreciate it! 

Learn more about Papa here.

Best Jobs for College Students in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the most northern county of the “South Florida” region and is known for its golf courses and equestrian facilities. However, between FAU and Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach is home to a rapidly growing student population. If you belong to that student population and are looking for suggestions on where to find a job, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand caregiver provider for senior populations across the country. Another known characteristic of Palm Beach is its senior population. That provides additional demand and opportunity for students living in the area. The best part about working with Papa is that you get to make a real difference in other people’s lives. It’s great to make some money while getting an education. It’s even better to truly impact people positively while you do it.

Our seniors are often disregarded or simply not given the amount of care and attention they need. Papa plans to fix that, and they’d love your help. With flexible hours, a strong support network, and real human experience, Papa is a perfect job option for college students. 

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2. Camp Counselor

There is something nostalgic about camp counselors. Memories of summer camps with friends and looking up to the counselors who were the coolest adults we knew. Now, believe it or not, you’re old enough to be one of those adults.

Camps are always in search of young, energetic adults who can manage and entertain younger kids for camp programs. Surfing, tennis, and golf are just a few specific areas that are popular around Palm Beach. Sounds fun right? These jobs can often be full-time gigs that provide an atypical solution to a college student looking for work.  

3. Entry Level Corporate

Ok, the prospect of being an administrative assistant may not excite you.

But, if you can find a gig at a firm that aligns with your College Major, it could provide usable experience and opportunities. Palm Beach has a strong Central Business District and corporate presence. Florida Crystal, Banking, and the healthcare industry are some of the areas largest employers. There might not be an immediate position that qualifies as a dream job, but it never hurts to get your foot in the door and see if you can’t grow into a position that aligns more with your ambitions.

4. Hospitality

Along with the beaches and golf courses of Palm Beach come the resorts and hotels. Boca Resort, The Breakers, or PGA National are just a few examples of resorts that would be anyone’s dream to work in. There are hundreds of other hotels that can also provide a nice living for a college student in search of some financial independence.

These gigs often offer opportunities for growth within the facility or company and come with some sweet perks like discounted rooms or food at the restaurants. Shoot your shot and give a handful of resorts a call to see if they have any opportunities for a motivated young adult.  

So, there you have it. No more excuses for sitting around thinking about the new shoes you need or the bills you can’t pay. Get out there and go get a job that is suitable for you.