Senior Activities in Palm Beach County

Outdoor Activities in Palm Beach County for Seniors

No matter if you’re near the beachside, in the urban area, or visiting the wetlands, Palm Beach County has many activities to keep people coming back.

Since the inception of the Division of Senior Services, Palm Beach County has been increasing its number of senior citizen residents throughout the years.

Their support group, the Circle of Care, helps seniors who are 60 years and older learn about lifestyle choices during workshops.

It gets seniors to be a part of social events and encourages seniors to live independent, healthy, and dignified lives.

The county also puts a lot of effort into sustaining its natural areas and agriculture, which makes it a great place for seniors to walk trails, bird watch or practice photography.

You can also play golf, ride a bike, stretch outside, or simply relax.

Although Palm Beach County has numerous natural parks and preserves for outdoor activities, here are the some of the most popular:

  • Grassy Waters Preserve in West Palm Beach
  • Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands in Boynton Beach
  • Frenchman’s Forest in Palm Beach Gardens
  • Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area in Jupiter
  • Daggerwing Nature Center in Boca Raton

All of these preserves have pristine landscapes and scenic boardwalk trails where you can watch the native wildlife.

Make sure to visit the 14-acre living plant museum, Mount’s Botanical Gardens in West Palm Beach.

They have 23 beautiful gardens to see that all have something different to offer.

If you love viewing exotic animals like sloths, koalas, and tigers, make sure to head over to the Palm Beach Zoo.

They offer senior citizen discounts and have many exhibits to enjoy.

Fun Activities in Palm Beach County for Seniors

Because Palm Beach County’s year-round weather averages at 78 degrees, there is always something to do outdoors.

If you like Japanese Culture, meditate and learn at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

The Morikami Museum And Japanese Gardens

If you consider yourself a golfer, swing like the pros and take a golf lesson on one of the PGA courses.

While the men are playing golf the ladies can shop at the Palm Beach Outlets where you will save more than you spend.

Spend some time outside watching a giraffe cross the street at Lion Country Safari or go snorkeling and learn more about the history of John F. Kennedy at Peanut Island.

Lion Country Safari

If you're looking for some entertainment, watch a live performance at Coral Sky Amphitheatre and dance the night away.

You can also enjoy a hotdog and popcorn, and watch a baseball game at Roger Dean Stadium or fancy your sweet tooth at the Hoffman’s Chocolate Shop and Gardens factory tour.

You can also recline your seat back and watch a movie at iPic and you will never want to go to a regular movie theatre again.

Whether you’re more of an indoor or outdoor person, Palm Beach County has it all.

Restaurants and Bars in Palm Beach County for Seniors

Clematis Street 

Yes! eating and drinking are considered activities. Depending on your taste, Palm Beach County has high-end dining to homemade hole-in-the-wall cuisine.

You can walk along Clematis Street in downtown West Palm and find an active crowd with salivating foods.

Try the free food samples and enjoy live music on Saturdays at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket.

You can also have an afternoon snack at Mizner Park in Boca Raton and enjoy the outdoor seating.

Make sure to visit City Place in West Palm where you will find all different kinds of restaurants, live music on the weekends, and a Thursday night farmers market.

Cultural Activities in Palm Beach County for Seniors

Since the creation of the Cultural Council in 1978, Palm Beach County has put a lot of emphasis on their events, exhibitions, and performances.

This county has a lot of color and beauty to it. Here are some places you need to check off when you arrive:

Raymond F. Kravis Center

This not-for-profit performing arts center is known to have beautiful performances year round located in downtown West Palm.

Ann Norton’s Sculpture Gardens

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places to visit, the gardens and the history behind the Norton family is a must see to learn more about Florida’s history.

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

This museum in West Palm Beach opens your mind to what science is all about. From their planetarium to their technology exhibit, you will come out knowing a lot more about the world than you did before.

Old School Square Cultural Arts Center

Located in downtown Delray Beach, this area is known to bring artists and audiences together with different events, exhibits, and shows throughout the week.

Culture Lab

Open on Friday’s and the weekends in West Palm, enjoy a contemporary and interactive experience that will spark your creativity.

Norton Museum of Art

Known as one of Florida’s major cultural institutions, this museum in West Palm Beach shows American, Chinese, European, and Contemporary artists from the 19thand 20th

Flagler Museum

This 75-room mansion located in Palm Beach was built in 1902 for Henry Flagler, the founder of the Florida East Coast Railway. Now it’s a museum where it shows historic insight into Florida’s history during the Gilded Age.

For more events or upcoming performances make sure to visit:

If you need some help getting around Palm Beach County or if you're looking for an amazing social experience, visit and request a college student to show you around town.


Yogo and Seniors 2

The Best Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Yoga is a great way to add strength, flexibility, focus and a sense of calm to your waking hours.

If you’ve never tried it before, or if you have and want to get back into it—now’s your chance! In terms of activities for seniors, yoga is a great choice.

Poses range from beginner to advanced and regardless of skill level—there’s something for everyone.

Four top yoga poses for the elderly

Age is just a number, and yoga is accessible to all. Yoga for seniors is especially helpful to maintain balance as you age.

To practice yoga, you simply need comfortable clothes, a yoga mat and a quiet area where you can spread out. Shoes are optional, and most prefer not to wear any!

The following four beginner poses are easy to do—yet yield just as many benefits as more difficult poses:

Seated Pose 

Perfect for bringing attention to your breath and heartbeat, the seated pose is a common way to open your yoga routine.

Sit on your mat cross-legged, or with your legs out straight—whatever is most comfortable. Then, rest one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.

Keep your eyes close your eyes and breathe in and out, slowly and deeply.

Notice your heart beating in your chest and your belly rising and falling with each breath.

Take a moment to notice any pain or discomfort you might be feeling that day, and consciously let your breath go to that area of your body.

Then, let go of any thoughts or worries, and focus on your breath.

Cat and cow pose

On your mat, put your hands shoulder-distance apart and your knees square under your hips. Arch your back like a cat and let your head hang down. This is cat pose.

Breathe out. Slowly, begin the transition to cow pose—bring your head and tailbone up and push your torso towards the mat. Breathe in.

Repeat this movement between cat and cow for several breaths.

This is good for your balance, focus, flexibility, and arm strength.

Warrior I

Next, you can move to a very popular yoga pose—warrior I. You’ll repeat this pose on each side of your body, leading with each leg.

Starting with your right leg, position your foot behind you, pointing toward the edge of your mat at a 45-degree angle, with your balance focused on the outer edge of your foot. Keep this leg straightened.

Your left leg should be in front of you with your foot pointed forward and square your hips facing forward.

Then, bend your left knee at as close to a 90-degree angle as you can, keeping your knee right above your foot.

Reach your arms overhead and look up at the ceiling.

Hold this pose for a few seconds, and feel the strength in your left thigh and shoulders.

Repeat on the other side, with your right leg forward.

Warrior II


A common transition from warrior I, warrior II continues to help you build strength and balance.

You may decide to transition directly from warrior I on one side of your body directly into warrior II on that same side.

Keeping your back foot at a 45-degree angle with your back leg straightened, and your opposite leg forward with knee bent, open your hips to face the side of your mat.

Next, open your arms, hands in line with your shoulders, and reach in opposite directions.

Turn your head to look directly over the arm facing forward.

Finally, hold this pose for a few seconds as you feel the strength in your front thigh and shoulders.

How to end your routine

Return to your mat in the seated pose. Close your eyes and put your hands in prayer position in front of your heart.

Try to breathe deeply, and once again notice your heartbeat. Focus on your breath.

Finally, hold this pose for a few seconds, as you reflect on what you’ve accomplished during your yoga workout.

Interested in exercise and fitness for seniors?

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playing chess

Six Fun Activities for You to Do With a Senior

If you’re a senior care companion, you understand the benefit of helping your senior become socially engaged. It adds to happiness and good mental health, which are important components in overall well-being.

As a Pal, you may be tasked with bringing a smile to your senior’s face through interesting, fun and engaging activities.

If you’re looking for ideas, we have six suggestions to consider for your next companion care visit.

Six fun activities for seniors

Your senior may be interested in getting out of the house, or they may prefer to stay indoors. Regardless of individual preferences, you can always find activities for seniors to help them feel at ease, motivated and even “in their element.”

These six activities are fun for both Pals and seniors alike:


You can probably find a variety of picnicking locations that range from a quaint backyard to a national park.

Use your imagination and ask your senior what scenery they prefer.

Then, whether beach, forest, park bench or flower garden, pack up a picnic lunch (complete with picnic basket) and head out to enjoy lunch in a much different setting!


Being closer to flowers and trees Has a calming effect on people. Working the earth with your hands and helping things grow is therapeutic.

Gardening is an activity that requires creativity, patience and hands-on work—research if you’re not sure what to do.

All these things can help stimulate your senior’s focus and concentration and can be a welcome change of pace from the indoors.

Board and card games

The options are endless with this activity. Talk with your senior—they probably have a favorite game and may delight in teaching you how to play.

It’s also fun to find a game your senior may not know about and ask them if they’d care to learn. Variety is the spice of life.

Cooking or baking

Making a meal or snack together allows you to bond with your senior and even learn a great new recipe! Or, you may be feeling adventurous and can scour the internet or cookbooks to find a recipe together—something neither of you has ever tried.

Park visits

The great outdoors is good for the soul. Taking a trip to a local park or nature preserve allows your senior to get some fresh air and maybe even get a few steps.

You can sit by the water, watch the wildlife or just people watch. All of these are benefits of visiting your community green space.


Arts and crafts

Creativity helps keep senior minds active—and it’s fun, too. You might choose a project that helps your senior create something functional, such as a scrapbook, greeting card, potholder or ceramic dish.

Other ideas include painting, drawing, making greeting cards, flower arranging and knitting/crocheting.

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