On-demand assistance. Senior care, and caregiving. Help with seniors. Personal assistance for seniors. Concierge for families.

Papa works different than traditional services. We make it incredibly simple to access, request, and manage the experience. Our main focus is to offer personal assistance and socialization to seniors and their families. Papa allows for extreme flexibility and does this in a super affordable way. You can request Papa Pals same day or far in advance. Visits can last 15 minutes or the entire day. You don’t have to plan, we are always available to you. The Papa Pal will stay with your senior loved one for as long as you need.

It’s quite simple. You can go to our website, mobile app (iOS and Android), text, or call us. We make access to services easy for any age group or technical capability. We often have family caregivers request services on behalf of their senior family member. We also frequently have seniors request services for themselves. Once you are set up in the system, which take about 5 minutes, you are ready to go!  Any time you need services, just confirm you location, date and time, and needs and we will confirm your Papa Pal. Your credit card information is securely stored so that you don’t have to worry about adding information every time you want services. If you have a recurring visit, it’s very easy to notate that in the system or to our team. There is no minimum, no contract, and no hassle!

Some members want to choose a Papa Pal, some want to use a different Papa Pal every time. This is all welcomed. We want to make you and your family feel extremely comfortable with our service. We assign a Community Manager to you and your family for any questions or to help you schedule visits. You will have a dedicated contact that you can reach out to directly for any needs. Even if you don’t need services and just want to ask questions or your family member wants a chance to talk with our team, we welcome that! Our Community Managers are also available for a great conversation with you or your senior loved one. Maybe you don’t want a Papa Pal that day, but want to have a quick conversation with someone, not a problem.

We believe transparency and communication is key to an incredible experience. So we allow you to communicate with the Papa Pal in the way you feel most comfortable – phone, text, or video.  If you would like to join the first visit, we encourage you, your senior loved one, and the Pal to all spend time together. Our priority is you and your family.

Once the visit is confirmed, a Papa Pal will arrive at the location and complete the requested services on the scheduled date and time. 1 day prior to the visit, the team will confirm if you need anything specific and you will be able to start communicating with your Papa Pal. During the visit, you will have full communication capabilities with your Papa Pal and your Community Manager. After the visit, you can rate your Papa Pal and provide feedback. If you really enjoyed your Pal Pal, you can favorite them and they can be made available to you for future visits. We will even notify you when they are in your area to make it very easy to request them!

Pricing is simple too. We price services based on several factors including, length of visit, time of day, required services, and more. If you just need someone to check-in on your senior loved one, that will be about $10. If you need someone to take your senior loved one to the doctor, the grocery store, and lunch, that will be about $50. Prior to requesting, we will confirm the estimated fee. Visit fees range between $18 – $25 per hour but are charged only based on the time your senior loved one spends with your Papa Pal.

So please, give us a call, text us, email us, or download the app today!

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