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Papa is here for companies not only for individuals!

We make seniors day’s much more enjoyable. Join our network and learn more about us!

Papa is a services and technology provider that benefits groups and organizations of all kind. We offer services to consumers to support family caregivers and their senior family members. However, many of those impacted are associated with a group or organization. Additionally, many organizations look to utilize the Papa Platform to support their digital care coordination needs. Papa supports these organizations in a way that will benefit them based on their needs and goals.

Papa offers technology and services to employers, health plans, health systems, senior facilities, and other affiliate partners. Papa can benefit each of these organizations in a variety of ways.

As an employee benefit, Papa is catering to the 30 million plus people in the USA that are fully employed and managing the responsibility of a senior loved one. This is a burden on both the family caregiver and the employer. According to a recently MetLife study, 75% of employers will offer senior service benefits to their employees as a benefit in the next five years. Papa is available to employers to focus on these individuals and make it easy to cater to the needs of loved ones.

Papa provides easy access to a network of on-demand personal assistance and socialization for employees’ senior loved ones. This helps reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Last year, $36 Billion dollars was wasted due to loss of productivity from family caregivers. Contact us today to find out how we can benefit your organization.

As a senior facility, Papa can be offered to the residents as an added benefit. Many are using services to support accompanied transportation, socialization, runs errands with or on behalf of residents, and much more. We have several options available to support your residents. We can provide administrative functionality to manage the Papa Pal experience on behalf of the residents. Senior facilities are offering services to individual residents, creating Papa Pal events, and offering facility sponsored Papa Pal services.

Other organization are using Papa for post discharge needs, as a value add to home care services, to manage at risk populations, and more.

Additionally, Papa looks to partner with local home health and home care providers in the market to support members that have higher acuity needs. Papa Care partners bring a lot of value to Papa members while being able to grow their business. Papa’s mission is to support seniors and their families throughout the aging journey. We do this through our incredible Papa Pals and ecosystem of Papa Care partners.

We are always open to a discussion to determine if there is a good fit to work with Papa. We welcome the opportunity to review this with you and your team in detail.

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