In today’s world, the word elderly and wellness are not often synonymous. In fact, it is our oldest and wisest that too often get left without the type of attention and love that they deserve.

Wellderly Awareness Week is the perfect time to take steps towards bringing that love and attention back into our beloved seniors’ lives.

Wellderly Awareness Week is a grass-roots phenomenon that helps bring national attention to the wellness of our elderly population.

This week especially, we at Papa want to celebrate our elderly and we encourage all our readers, and our Papa family to do the same.

Different Types of Wellness

Wellness can mean different things to different people. Being physically fit means very little if you’re lonely or depressed.

Papa, through the services we provide and our educational training platform, emphasizes three major types of wellness: physical, emotional, and mental.

We want our Papa family, and our beloved seniors around the world to have systems in their lives that build and maintain wellness in all those areas.

How you can celebrate Wellderly Awareness Week?

Wellness Weeks


Physical activities such as taking your loved one on a walk, for a round of golf, or a gentle hike can be a great way to boost their energy levels and help them feel confident and strong!

Simply put, movement in any way can be a huge contributor to a senior’s overall wellness.

Our Papa Pals are always on call to assist in scheduling or transportation and we can even join your loved one.

Call your local Senior Center

What better way to figure out how you can celebrate Wellderly Awareness Week than to reach out to your local Senior Center and take advantage of their organized events?

Senior Centers are a wonderful resource for bringing social relationships, and large-scale senior-friendly activities into your loved one’s life.

A simple internet search should yield contact information, and as usual, our Papa Pals are always happy to assist.

Reach out

When is the last time you gave your father, or grandmother a call to simply ask how he or she is doing? Wellness, especially mental and emotional, is so often connected to loneliness.

We want our elderly to feel the love that we have for them. Taking time to sit and have a heartfelt conversation with a loved one can unlock feelings of purpose and understanding of other ways you can help bring light into their lives.

The Papa Purpose

Here at Papa we are committed to improving the lives of seniors across the country. Caring for our elderly requires a different approach and an understanding that their needs are different from our own.

Wellderly Awareness Week is a perfect time to educate others on how we can be better caretakers for our loved ones, and celebrate the people and relationships we cherish so much. Our Papa Pals are your 24/7 grandchild that can be a ride, an extra set of hands, or simply a friend to those who need it most.

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