Wellness Week

Celebrating Wellderly Awareness Week

In today’s world, the word elderly and wellness are not often synonymous. In fact, it is our oldest and wisest that too often get left without the type of attention and love that they deserve.

Wellderly Awareness Week is the perfect time to take steps towards bringing that love and attention back into our beloved seniors’ lives.

Wellderly Awareness Week is a grass-roots phenomenon that helps bring national attention to the wellness of our elderly population.

This week especially, we at Papa want to celebrate our elderly and we encourage all our readers, and our Papa family to do the same.

Different Types of Wellness

Wellness can mean different things to different people. Being physically fit means very little if you’re lonely or depressed.

Papa, through the services we provide and our educational training platform, emphasizes three major types of wellness: physical, emotional, and mental.

We want our Papa family, and our beloved seniors around the world to have systems in their lives that build and maintain wellness in all those areas.

How you can celebrate Wellderly Awareness Week?

Wellness Weeks


Physical activities such as taking your loved one on a walk, for a round of golf, or a gentle hike can be a great way to boost their energy levels and help them feel confident and strong!

Simply put, movement in any way can be a huge contributor to a senior’s overall wellness.

Our Papa Pals are always on call to assist in scheduling or transportation and we can even join your loved one.

Call your local Senior Center

What better way to figure out how you can celebrate Wellderly Awareness Week than to reach out to your local Senior Center and take advantage of their organized events?

Senior Centers are a wonderful resource for bringing social relationships, and large-scale senior-friendly activities into your loved one’s life.

A simple internet search should yield contact information, and as usual, our Papa Pals are always happy to assist.

Reach out

When is the last time you gave your father, or grandmother a call to simply ask how he or she is doing? Wellness, especially mental and emotional, is so often connected to loneliness.

We want our elderly to feel the love that we have for them. Taking time to sit and have a heartfelt conversation with a loved one can unlock feelings of purpose and understanding of other ways you can help bring light into their lives.

The Papa Purpose

Here at Papa we are committed to improving the lives of seniors across the country. Caring for our elderly requires a different approach and an understanding that their needs are different from our own.

Wellderly Awareness Week is a perfect time to educate others on how we can be better caretakers for our loved ones, and celebrate the people and relationships we cherish so much. Our Papa Pals are your 24/7 grandchild that can be a ride, an extra set of hands, or simply a friend to those who need it most.

south beach florida

Best Cities for Seniors in Florida

With Florida’s unique landscape and warm weather throughout the state, it’s very common for senior citizens to either move here permanently or become “snowbirds.”

Many cities in Florida have a great appeal to senior citizens because of their natural preservations and great beaches.

The sunshine state gives seniors a great opportunity to experience the outdoors year-round, keeping them younger and healthier.

Since we are currently expanding our services to many cities across Florida in 2018, we have done a lot of research on where seniors will enjoy their time the most.

Here are the top 10 cities for seniors in Florida

banner-papa-blogs#10 – Ocala area

This city has many things to do for seniors. In fact, they have a community nearby called The Villages, which is a 55+ active community and is rated the best place to retire.

Being inland there is a lot natural land with many hills. It is a quick drive to Orlando, but you also are far enough from the busy city.

#9—Naples/Fort Myers area

With its beautiful weather and Gulf of Mexico beaches, this is one of the main attractions cities for seniors.

It is a quiet area that also has lively areas and amazing food. It is only a 2.5-hour drive to Miami for those who want a weekend getaway.


This city is right next to the Indian River so you will feel a cool breeze all year.

It’s also known as a laid-back city with a small town feel. Bird watching is one of the most popular hobbies in this city.


Nationally recognized, Sierra Key beach is one of the top three beaches in America and many seniors enjoy visiting this city.

You can enjoy reading a book and relaxing with your toes in the sand on any given day.

If you love deer spotting, Rothenbach Park is a main attraction for watching the wildlife that roams freely.

#6— Greater Tampa Area

Having St. Pete and Clearwater in Tampa’s back pocket, there are a ton of outdoor activities to do without skimming the surface.

The beautiful beaches and downtowns are senior accessible and their indoor museums are beautiful.

Clematis_St_PM_BNXTBVQY#5— West Palm Beach

Known as Florida’s Golf Capital, Palm Beach thrives on seniors who love the sport.

From the beaches to the lively downtown, this spot is a great city for seniors to visit.

#4— Greater Miami Area

Miami is packed with culture and adventure. If you are an active senior and you love lively music, museums, sports, and festivals, this city will keep you busy.

#3—Port St. Lucie/Fort Pierce Area

The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on the beach are a huge plus for seniors who love to enjoy Mother Nature.

This city is ranked as one of the safest and crime free areas.

#2—Vero Beach

With some of the friendliest people, this city is known for its mellowness. Everything is extremely affordable in this town.

There is a small town feel to this city because the population isn’t too big. The best part about this town is how little traffic there is on the streets.

#1—Punta Gorda

With its relaxed lifestyle and friendly community, it’s easy to make friends in this town.

There are many recreational activities that are community centered and is an ideal vacation destination.

How to use Papa?

Papa takes a new approach to aging by connecting seniors with energetic college students with a degree in nursing.


We are available for transportation needs, help around the house, teaching technology, socialization, and much more.

We are currently available to assist you and your loved ones in all of these counties: Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

Our Papa Pals are available to help you once you request us through our app or website.

Start your free trial and contact us for more information today!


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Senior Parents? Five Common Health Concerns

Health and wellness are important at any age but takes an immediate forefront for senior-aged adults.

During their golden years, it’s critical for senior parents and loved ones to maintain their health as long as possible.

And if the senior in your life isn’t within a short car ride, it can be especially difficult to ensure they’re getting the support they need for good health.

However, you can set your mind at ease through the services of a companion care provider with Papa Pals!

Five senior health concerns—and elderly wellness tips


Seniors are at greater risk for different medical ailments and concerns.

By keeping some of the most prevalent health concerns in mind (and taking actions to help reduce their risks through wellness activates), seniors will hopefully be able to alleviate some of these concerns:

Slips, trips and falls

Unfortunately, falls can be common with the elderly, especially due to a loss of strength and balance.

Companion care provides the assistance seniors need to complete daily tasks, such as light housework and laundry, making it unnecessary for your senior parent to push themselves and attempt to complete tasks with which they now have difficulty.

Obesity and heart disease

Fitness tips for seniors include getting some exercise each day.

As we age, limited mobility can cause our weight to creep up, putting us at risk for illnesses such as heart disease.

When you partner with Papa, your assigned Papa Pal can help your elderly parent safely fit in activity during the day, such as a stroll through the park.


It’s healthy for seniors to stay social, and Papa Pals provide this outlet.

Companion care includes conversation, games, crafts and other activities that are important for a senior’s mental well-being.


Joint pain can limit the daily tasks an elderly adult can easily do, such as meal preparation and cleaning.

The help of a Papa Pal makes it easier for a senior to maintain their previous lifestyle.


An injury can be especially dangerous to a senior who suffers from weakened bones.

Osteoporosis (weakened bones) put the senior at risk for larger injuries resulting from mishaps or falls.

However, the support of an elderly care companion to complete daily tasks greatly reduces the possibility of a fall for your senior parent.

How to find reliable companion care services

If you’re concerned and need assistance providing the services your elderly loved one needs for good health and well-being, contact Papa.

Our Papa Pals are available to help and can be requested in advance or just when you need them most.

To start your free trial, contact us today!

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Safety for Frail Seniors Who Come to Your Home

When inviting an elderly or frail senior to your home, it would be worth taking some precautions to ensure they can enjoy the occasion to the fullest without mishaps or fear of safety issues.

Planning to Have Frail Senior Guests in Your Home

When you are hosting events at home, plan for any frail guests. There is a need to consider handicapping conditions and other issues that could cause safety risks.

When a senior is worried about safety and is uncomfortable, it is difficult to have a good time.

By looking at the guest list, it can be determined which older adults may be at risk. This could include balance, the risk of tripping or falling, difficulty standing, and challenges with stairs or step-downs.

Remove throw rugs and work to make walking spaces free of electric cords and other clutter or any short standing objects that could present a fall risk to seniors with a reduced visual field or issues with balance.

It may help to move any statues or other standing items back to allow for more walk-through space.

Do a safety walk-through of the spaces your guests will occupy to be sure their wheelchair, walker, and/or cane friendly. Imagine yourself with a mobility issue coming to the place for the first time.

Take a look at decorative items, inspecting them for danger. Art, which protrudes from the walls, can be a challenge, especially in a dark hallway to the restroom.

Making Your House Safe for Guests at Risk for Tripping

Mark a spot in the driveway for this senior. Keep the parking area free of clutter, which could trip a walker who is unsteady. Move yard waste, which can precipitate a fall.

Be sure there is adequate lighting, both outside the house and inside including hall areas.

Night lights may help in this regard. Use a flashlight to personally escort this guest to and from the house to assure safe access.

Sidewalks need to be maintained in order to be visually available to the guest. If possible, avoid the stairs, but if they are part of your plan, keep them uncluttered and lit.

If your house has any steps either on the porch or by the entry inside, pay close attention to being nearby and giving verbal warnings as the frail guest navigates them.

The same applies to a sunken living room, as this can be a minefield to a person with a limited vision or balance issues.

Due to both allergies and risk of falling, dogs and cats need to be kept in another area as this person may have trouble when a pet runs in or out of their intended path.

Although these transitions may seem easy to you, they can be both frightening and hazardous for certain people.

Providing for the Comfort of Elderly Visitors While They Are in Your Home

Be sure the doorbell is in working order and respond to it promptly. Don’t rely on yelling; “Come on in” as people with reduced hearing may not hear that.

Also, make the doorbell accessible with adequate lighting and not blocking it with plants or objects of art, which can make it hard to reach.

If possible, install a higher toilet seat and/or grab bars to make the bathroom accessible. Thes

e raised toilet seats are affordable and can be found in the local hardware store.

Also, keep some type of light on in the bathroom. A lamp or bold night-light may help here.

In the sitting area, provide some chairs that are not too low to get out of easily and be sure that they have arms to make getting up easier.

If the guests are going to watch a DVD offer English subtitles. Those with a slight hearing loss may be grateful. Also, visual learners benefit from and appreciate the extra visual input.


When serving a meal, use a table of standard height with suitable chairs. Many modern tables are bar height with chairs o high that feet can’t touch the floor, and there may be no arms to hold onto while steadying oneself.

In making the menu, provide at least one alternative to spicy food as some older adults have tender digestive systems.

One option is to provide the spicy portion of the meal as a separate and well-marked dip or sauce to add as desired.

It is better to provide extra safety measures than not enough and regret it after an unfortunate incident.

Also, the comfort of seniors in your home can be vital to having a good time. Often they will not tell you they are miserable, but you may not have another opportunity to entertain them if they are uncomfortable.

Since there are so many holiday events, winter is a crucial time to deliver safety along with the punch and cookies!