Jacksonville City

Activities for Seniors in Jacksonville

Outdoor Activities in Jacksonville for Seniors

The city of Jacksonville is the largest city in the Continental United States, and with nearly 850,000 residents, it’s also the most populated city in Florida.

While only 11% of that population are senior citizens, the city of Jacksonville knows that number will be rising and has a strong infrastructure in place to provides services such as counseling, support, education, assistance, and much more.

With 20 individual senior centers spread throughout the city, you will not have any problems finding activities to stay busy.

If you visit the City of Jacksonville website you’ll find fun, outdoor, senior-focused events and activities to enjoy that include:

Fish-a-thon at Hanna Park

Hanna Park
Hanna Park

An all-day competitive fishing event for seniors at Hanna Park, which can also be a great spot to enjoy a day at the beach, and check out the natural wildlife of Jacksonville on any day of the week

Forever Fit 50 and Beyond 

The Jacksonville Senior Games – an Olympic-style friendly and competitive set of events specifically for seniors to take part in.

Events include basketball, swimming, golf, tennis, track and field, line dancing, powerlifting, cycling and a ton more

Beaches and Parks

Jacksonville is home to over 20 miles of coasts lined with beautiful beaches that make for peaceful exploration or adventurous activities.

In addition, Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the country offering a number of National Parks to visit and enjoy such as Tree Hill Nature Center, Little Talbot Island, and Huguenot Park.

Baldwin Trail
Baldwin Trail

Some other fantastic spots to visit in Jacksonville to enjoy the outdoors include the beautiful St. John’s River where you can see the alligators and manatees or take it another step further and go for a night fishing charter.

If you like to bike the Baldwin Trail, a converted railway, is now a 14.5-mile greenway offering a haven for hikers and bikers alike.

Fun Activities in Jacksonville

Beyond Jacksonville’s rich natural landscape and beauty, the city also offers some fun recreational activities that are well suited for seniors as well.

Bent Creek Golf Course is one of the local favorites that offer a fair price for a fun round of golf. You can even sign up for an afternoon round of footgolf if you’re not a typical golfer but still want to enjoy the precision aspect of golf.

Bent Creek Golf Course
Bent Creek Golf Course

Don’t forget to spend at least a day over at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center where you can enjoy their top of the line indoor facility offering sporting events such as BMX, equestrian events, soccer, dog shows, and more.

Also on the 80-acre grounds are miles of hiking trails, an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool facility, RV camping hookups, and even its own public 18-hole golf course!

If you’re more into exotic animals, be sure to visit the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens where you and your family can spend a day hanging out with tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, and plenty more.

It is known as more than a zoo because it also has an expansive botanical garden with a wide array of foreign plants and flowers. They even offer guided tours, and best of all, a senior discount!

Restaurants and Bars in Jacksonville for Seniors

With so many choices in Jacksonville for food and drinks it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for a fun day of shopping, dining, and all-around fun look no further than St. John’s Town Center.

St. Johns Town Center
St. Johns Town Center

This open-air mall features over 150 stores with a flurry of dining options to satisfy any craving.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, you should check out one of the many spots along St. John’s River offering a beautiful view for you to enjoy.

If local charm and a bit of nature is more your style, check out the historic Avondale neighborhood;wWith several restaurants to choose from, this is a great spot to spend a day walking around and enjoying the scenery with an ice cream cone in hand.

Cultural Activities Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a dynamic city with a rich history and a wide array of cultural celebrations. Here are some of the most fun and senior friendly places you must check out when you visit:

San Marco Historic District

San Marco Historic District
San Marco Historic District

The San Marco Historic District offers a peaceful celebration of one of the city’s oldest communities. Developed in 1925, the San Marco district features the city’s oldest movie theatre dating back to 1938. Make sure to stick around for the sunset.

Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market, or RAM, is in the historic district of Avondale. RAM is an open-aired marketplace featuring local artists, farmers, bakers, and crafters.

Enjoy live music every Saturday as over 4000 visitors make their way through the marketplace to enjoy the local scene with views of St John’s River.

Jacksonville Caribbean Festival

This carnival, which takes place every year in August celebrates the culture of the islands with beautiful live music, costumes, and aromatic food festivals that will make you feel like you’re vacationing in the Caribbean.

The Florida Theatre

In 1927 this local theater opened as the largest in Florida. Here you can enjoy movie classics, live theatre, concerts, and more. With multiple shows every week, you’ll always have entertainment waiting for you here.

Ritz Theatre and Museum

Ritz Theater and Museum
Ritz Theater and Museum

This theatre and museum celebrate the path of and current artistic contributions from the African American community.

Plays, concerts, family shows, and community events all come together for a culturally phenomenal and historic venue.

Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve

The Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve is considered one of the best nature parks in Jacksonville. Expansive trails, a welcoming visitor’s center, and exhibits of both nature and history offer an exciting day for guests of any age.

Seniors on a Mission

This senior founded, senior run group brings together groups of seniors living in Jacksonville to organize “Mission Trips” dedicated to servicing non-profit organizations and other communities.

This beautiful group brings fulfillment, purpose, and passion into the lives of seniors by doing well and giving back to their communities at large.

If you need some help getting around Jacksonville or if you’re looking for an amazing social experience, visit joinpapa.com and request a college student to show you around town.


Senior Activities in Orlando

Activities for Seniors in Orlando

Outdoor Activities in Orlando for Seniors

When most people think of Orlando they think of Disney World and summer vacations.

However, unbeknownst to many, Orlando has actually earned itself the nickname of The City Beautiful in respects to the many rivers, natural parks, rec centers, trails, nurseries and wildlife refuges.

Home to seven senior community centers, Orlando is a city that makes sure its seniors have all the resources possible to help make their lives as fun and active as possible.

Starting with one of Orlando’s largest natural beauties, the Lake Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve in Winter Garden offers over 430 acres of natural beauty and wildlife.

Enjoy some exotic birdwatching or just go for a shaded stroll and observe the scenery at one of Orlando’s most expansive natural parks.

If you’re looking for a bit more activity in your outdoor adventures, head on out to Wekiva Island.

Located on the Wekiva River in neighboring Longwood, FL, Wekiva Island offers paddleboards, canoes, alligators, and an all-around great time.

Enjoy an adult beverage with some live music in a cabana and make sure you do not forget to visit this Orlando gem.

Lukas Nursery is a widely loved nature experience that is a home run for the whole family.

Enjoy one of the largest butterfly conservatories in the entire state of FL and let the day slip away as you marvel at all of the beautiful vegetation Florida has to offer.

Outdoor Movies in Orlando offers an outdoor activity that’s family friendly and laid back. Check out MyCentralFloridaFamily.com for scheduled movies and stay up to date as their schedule changes throughout the year.

bok tower gardensOne more option that has to be mentioned is the Bok Tower Gardens or the “Singing Tower” as it has been nicknamed. This one of a kind destination has been entertaining the masses since it opened in the 1930s.

This 205 ft gothic tower is a marvelous site as the ringing music of the 60-bell carillon echoes in the background. Don’t forget to enjoy the 20-room Mediterranean Mansion known as the Pines Estate and the Preserve Trails when you visit.

Fun Activities in Orlando for Seniors

Orlando is a massive city filled with a wide variety of different types of activities and entertainment for seniors to enjoy any time of the year.

If tacos, yoga, beer, or wine & empanadas sound like your style it may be worth checking out the Orlando Main Street website for a variety of scheduled activities that rotate annually.

For some more specific fun, Downtown Winter Park offers a quaint and historic stroll where you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious restaurants, do some shopping at several boutiques, and finish off with a glass or two of wine from one of many wine-focused bars.

It would be impossible to talk about fun things to do in Orlando without mentioning Disney World or any other of the many theme parks Orlando has to offer.

Walt Disney WorldWalt Disney World

Offering varying levels of excitement when it comes to ride selection, Disney World has a little something for everyone.

Make sure to plan a trip during a time where there are no student holidays to avoid the crowds as much as possible.

There is a lot of walking involved, so don’t hesitate to rent an electric wheelchair in the park to make your fun more comfortable.

Looking for fun with a bit more structure? Check out the Mayor William Beardall Center or the L Claudia Allen Center.

Both recreation centers provide fun group activities such as Bingo, Scrabble, Field Trips, Line Dancing, Tai Chi, and Yoga (just to name a few).

Did we mention they each have their own bridge clubs and shuffleboard courts?

If you’re looking for a similar group structure with a bit more of an emphasis on exercise, we suggest visiting the Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex.

They offer a bit more of a get-up-and-go schedule of classes including Senior Cardio Kick, Strength Training, Seniorcise, and an overall Fitness Center Membership that can really offer a continuing sense of community along with physical fitness.

Restaurants and Bars in Orlando for Seniors

Orlando is an eclectic city, and it’s reflected in their bar and restaurant scene. No matter your taste for food or atmosphere you will be able to find something that checks your boxes.

Here are a few recommendations:

The Lake Eola Farmer’s Market is known as “Orlando’s Farmers Market” and offers freshly made foods, unique local vendors, beautiful picnic scenery, and a pet-friendly environment.

Enjoy a fresh-made crepe or fruit smoothie as you walk along the lake enjoying a variety of live music.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of Disney with less of the crowds and no roller coasters, look no further than Disney Springs.

Disney Springs

More than just a place to grab lunch or dinner, Disney Springs offers entertainment like concert music, a movie theatre, bowling, and more.

With a wide variety of scheduled events and large-scaled, entertainment styled restaurants, Disney Springs is a perfect night out.

Baldwin Park offers a few upscale options with the feel of your own private mini-city.

Whether you’re in the mood for Sushi, Mexican, or a Contemporary American restaurant, Baldwin Park has you covered.

It’s a fine place to enjoy a date night or simply have some fun walking around enjoying the “not too big” crowds.

Cultural Activities in Orlando for Seniors

See Art Orlando

SEO is a non-profit organization that sponsors and enables local artists toc to contribute to the community. Centered around Lake Eola, you can see 8 individual pieces on public display with more on the way.

Polk Theatre

The Polk Theatre is an integral part of Central Florida’s history. Built in 1928, The Polk Theatre has been a venue for music, film, and theatre ever since.

Morse Museum

The Morse Museum houses the world’s largest collection of works from Louis Comfort Tiffany. Between the art glass, beautiful pottery and paintings, this museum is renowned “must see”. They even offer a senior discount.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Located in Titusville, the Kennedy Space Center houses incredible pieces such as the actual Space Shuttle Atlantic, moon rocks, and other space-related wonders.

Lake Wales Arts Council

The Lake Wales Art Council was founded in 1972 to preserve and promote art within the community. They host many yearly events such as the Sidewalk Art Show and fuel the fire of creative culture with an emphasis on bettering the community.

Visit their beautiful headquarters, that happens to be a historic church from the 1920s, and see what events you can enjoy.

If you need some help getting around Orlando or if you’re looking for an amazing social experience, visit joinpapa.com and request a college student to show you around town.

Best Board Games For Seniors for Game Night

Did you know there are also many health benefits to playing board games? Not only does it boost serotonin, but these games also relieve stress and help with memory loss.

They create a fun competitive spirit and enhance your days stayed in. Board games are taught to us starting at a young age so it’s a great way to get all ages together to find something in common.

Many games require using your coordination skills, which helps aging seniors since they are moving their hands often. If you are hanging out with your loved ones, start a game night to get your family involved.

Playing ScrabbleIt’s a great way to keep seniors engaged and it brings the family closer. Not only that, as we age loneliness can start to set in if seniors aren’t getting enough socialization in their daily lives.

Giving them something to look forward to like a game night at their house will make a huge difference in their life.

If you live out of town and only see your aging parents a few times a year, request a Papa Pal to have a “game night” with them.

There are many games listed below that only require 2 players. Shared activities are the best way to form natural connections with your loved ones than forcing a conversation.

It’s time to open up your closet and get the games out, or bring something new as a gift!

Best Board Games for Seniors

Some of the best 2-player classic brain games are Scrabble, Chess, Ludo, Checkers, and Battleship.

These increase brain function and challenge your mind. The good part about these games is that they are just as difficult for young adults as for seniors since technology now plays a large part in looking answers up without critical thinking.

Playing Ludo

These games will help with strategizing and using your brain to recall and remember certain tactics.

Another great way to engage in the competitive spirit with your loved one is through card games like Crazy Eights, War, Gin, Rummy, Old Maid, and Go-Fish.

These games will enhance your reaction time and keep your mind active.

Playing Card GamesMany card games involve using your brain for memorization, which will also help with concentration.

You will need to use some quick movement in your hands so it will also improve your coordination skills.

Of course, there are the classics that everyone thinks about like Monopoly, Bingo, or Yahtzee, but there are many new games out there that are enjoyable for all ages.

For instance, Qwirkle is a popular game that involves using different colored blocks to strategize points to win.

Other ones that are popular are Sorry Sliders, Dixit, No Thanks, and Ticket To Ride. Don’t forget that many games are now available on the Internet so they can be played through your phone, iPad, or computer.

Papa Pals make great companions and are a great way to enhance your loved one's socialization and they can bring over some board games to play if your loved one doesn’t have any.

We understand the value of putting a smile on your loved ones face and making them laugh. Request a Pal today by calling 1-800-348-795 or by visiting our website www.joinpapa.com.

Recipes you can cook with a Papa Pal

Let’s be honest – during the summer months, it’s not always a pleasant experience to go outside in the Florida heat.

Sure, the beach is calling your name and rounds of golf are cheap and easy to come by, but sometimes all you really want is some air conditioning and delicious meal.

You’ve probably already read about Papa Pals and their willingness to take you or your loved one's shopping, out to a show, or accompany them on a nature trail, and now you can add cooking to that list as well.

Cooking is a fantastic way to enjoy a low-intensity activity and still stay engaged. Not to mention you end up with a delicious dinner to share!

Here are some of our favorite recipes to enjoy alongside our Papa Pals:

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti with meatballsYou can’t go wrong with this Italian classic. What better way to have some fun in the kitchen than to get your hands dirty and roll up your own meatballs?

Grandma may very well have her own secret recipe for meatballs, but in case she doesn’t, we’ve found the one highlighted below to be more than adequate for you and your Papa Pal to enjoy.

Ingredients: Ground sirloin, Italian bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper

See the full recipe and instructions here - Spaghetti and Meatballs

Turkey Chili

Over the years using ground turkey instead of beef has become a popular trend to keep meals lighter and healthier.

Combining health-conscious with a hearty chili is a groundbreaking technique that will keep you and your loved ones coming back for more.

The beans are great for fiber, and you’ll most certainly end up with leftovers that are even better the second time around. Have fun improvising with your Papa Pal using some ideas for the recipe below.

Ingredients: Ground turkey, cannellini beans, diced bell peppers, diced onions, crushed tomatoes, garlic, Mexican spices, salt & pepper

See the full recipe and instructions here - Turkey Chili

Turkey Chilli Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie

When’s the last time you enjoyed a homemade chicken pot pie? Unless you live with Martha Stewart, it’s probably been a while.

Cooking an “out of the box” recipe with a loved one is a great way to have some fun and wind up with a belly-filling meal.

Try out the recipe below with your Papa Pal and I promise it’ll beat the Boston Market version.

Ingredients: Skinless boneless chicken breast, carrots, celery, frozen green peas, butter, chopped onion, flour, salt & pepper, chicken broth, celery seed, pie crusts

See the full recipe and instructions here - Chicken Pot Pie

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookiesOkay, now we’re almost positive grandma has her own secret recipe for this one, but when’s the last time she had a chance to make it with a friend?

Our Papa Pals offer that opportunity for you or your loved ones every day. So, just in case the recipe is confidential and can’t be disclosed to your Papa Pal, here is one of our favorites.

Ingredients: Softened butter, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda, hot water, salt, all-purpose flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, walnuts

See the full recipe and instructions here - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cooking is just one of the endless activities our Papa Pals would be happy to enjoy with you or your loved ones. Call us at 1-800-348-7951 to schedule a Papa Pal visit today!

Downtown Sarasota

Activities for Seniors in Sarasota

Outdoor Activities in Sarasota County for Seniors

In the past 10 years, Sarasota County has increased its senior citizen population by five percent, which brought their total senior population up to 35%.

That growth is expected to continue, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Sarasota County offers a ton of outdoor amenities for its senior population that lures retirees to this charming beachside destination.


Since the founding of the Friendship Centers and SCAN, seniors now have an empowering community to rely on. Both programs open the doors for newcomers to create an environment that keeps the senior population safe, active, and independent.

There are 16 well-kept parks and preserves for seniors to walk, bike, stretch, and even horseback ride.

Many of their parks have paved trails, making the walks easier and accessible, even to those with disabilities.

Myakka River Boat Tours
Myakka River Boat Tours

Be adventurous and take a riverboat tour at Myakka River State Park in Venice, and look out for the alligators, herons, snook, and turtles.

Enjoy a guided nature walk through South Lido Park or Legacy trail and learn more about the plants, birds, and wildlife.

Don’t forget to relax on Siesta Key beach any day of the week. At any local beach, this county provides beach wheelchairs available at every lifeguard stand for no additional cost.

Make sure you visit Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Sarasota Jungle Gardens for a beautiful landscape treat.

Go searching along the rocks for the biggest shark tooth at Caspersen Beach down off Harbor Drive. The Ringling is a must-see because of its constantly changing, family friendly Exhibits and Programs.

Get a senior citizen discount at The Celery Fields and bring a lunch to enjoy a picnic on top of the hill overlooking the scenery.

Because this county is small, it is easy to visit many attractions in each city and feel like you’re at home.

Fun Activities in Sarasota County for Seniors

Life is more fun in Sarasota County because it’s home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries, environmental experiences, and live entertainment.

Head over to the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary right next to the Celery Fields and play with the monkeys and lions, or stick to the traditional petting zoo.

Next, go to the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium where you can get an up-close-and-personal experience with over 100 different species of aquatic wildlife.

Ca d'Zan Mansion
Ca d'Zan Mansion

Learn your Sarasota history at Ca d’Zan Mansion, which was a winter home of American circus owner John Ringling and his wife Mable.

The beautiful mansion sits on the water and has preserved artifacts and art from the 20s.

Watch a spring training baseball game at Ed Smith Stadium, home of the Baltimore Orioles.

Learn how to Paddle Board at Sarasota Paddle Boarding and explore mangroves tunnels while watching for manatees and dolphins to swim around you in their natural environment.

Walk around the Sarasota Classic Car Museum and check out the Paul McCartney’s beloved Mini Cooper or John Lennon’s 1965 Mercedes Benz.

Soak in the Warm Mineral Springs in North Port for a relaxing day, and of course, make sure to read a book and tan on Venice beach.

Restaurants and Bars in Sarasota County for Seniors

With many restaurants on the water, this county has a lot of charm and romance to its seniors.

For the best feeling of romanticism visit Siesta Key Island and enjoy a festive atmosphere and great food.


Venice Beach Florida
Venice Beach Florida

Go to the Central Sarasota Farmers Market and enjoy nothing but locally and regionally sourced food, art, and entertainment.

This is a great place to mingle with local farmers and learn about a range of topics including health, children’s education, community issues, cooking, and more.

Learn about the history of Drum Circle Distilling with a free senior tour, and then enjoy some of their handcrafted coconut rum.

Finish at Venice for the best waterfront view of the Gulf while dining. You can even go for a swim after your meal!

Cultural Activities in Sarasota County for Seniors

Sarasota County is well-known for its art and culture and considered one of the top places in Florida to experience it.

With plenty of theatres, ballet, museums, and galleries there is no surprise as to why.

Because this county is influenced heavily by the circus man himself, John Ringling, there is a large Venetian & Mediterranean influence visible in its architecture.

Sarasota County is truly a center of art both live and still. When visiting, make sure to check these off of your list:

Sarasota Opera House (Formerly Edwards Theatre)

This is a historic venue opened in 1926 that has hosted the likes of Will Rogers and Elvis Presley. They also offer discounted tours to senior citizens.

Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy

True to its name, this delightful art museum is whimsical in every way. This is also a free exhibit, though donations are encouraged.

Sarasota Orchestra

The Sarasota Orchestra is a major contributor to the arts community in Sarasota County. They offer world-class live performances, music lessons, and host a 3-week long, annual music festival.

Sarasota Orchestra
Sarasota Orchestra

John and Marble Ringling Museum of Art

The Ringling is more than just a circus. Their museum offers beautiful exhibitions and program that change throughout the year. Visit their website to see what’s happening now, and take advantage of their senior citizen special.

Sarasota Ballet

The Sarasota Ballet is now enjoying its 27th season of performances. It is internationally acclaimed for the beautifully composed performances.

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

The Van Wezel is host to many of the previously mentioned groups. It is truly an eclectic theatre where you can witness events ranging from comedy to opera to Broadway musicals.

Annual Sarasota Film Festival

This Festival was ranked in the top 10 of all Film Festivals in the world in 2016. Continuously in the top 10% of national Festivals, SFF is truly top-tier offering some of the best independent films to the public.

If you need some help getting around Sarasota or if you’re looking for an amazing social experience, visit joinpapa.com and request a college student to show you around town.

Naples Florida

Senior Activities in Naples Florida

Outdoor Activities in Naples for Seniors

Whether you’re closer to the wilderness or the white-sand beaches, Naples is a city that will give you a small-town feel with its relaxed atmosphere.

It is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, and mainly has seniors older than 65 living here.

Since the creation of the Nonprofit Collier Senior Resources Organization in 2010, senior citizens and caregivers have more resources available to assist their healthcare needs, education, meals, and lifestyle.

The city puts a lot of emphasis on showing seniors how to keep their brains and body sharp through different programs and support groups.


There are many nature parks and preserves to visit that offer guided tours and meet-ups to socialize while hiking, bird watching, kayaking, and much more.

Make sure to visit Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and sign up for their guided tours ranging from bird walks to exploring the ancient forest.

Have a BBQ at the Naples Preserve, and then walk along the beautiful boardwalk.

Go fishing at Barefoot Beach Preserve and keep a look out for sea turtle’s eggs hatching!

The year-round warm climate provides a full day for enjoyment anytime.

Make sure to take a manatee sightseeing tour, and stay on the lookout for dolphins and alligators.

If you love deep-sea fishing, charter a private boat for the day and visit many old shipwrecks while catching Grouper, Snapper, and Cobia.

The outdoor activities are endless in a city like this because Naples goes above-and-beyond seniors’ expectations when they visit.

Fun Activities in Naples for Seniors

Naples is a trendy city for seniors because of the endless options it has for its residents and visitors.

With nearly 80 golf courses, you can always practice your golf swing. Make sure to check out Tiburon Golf Club and TPC Treviso Bay if you are there for a short time.

Join a book club at the Collier County Public Library, or further your education with their variety of computer literacy, job training, and health classes for seniors.

Believe in fantasy again and watch a performance of a live mermaid show. Get your dancing shoes on and take a class at ReCreation Tappers.

Enjoy the sunset while fishing or dolphin watching at the historic Naples Pier.

Spend time at the Naples Senior Center and the Golden Gate Senior Center and take art classes, play card games, watch movies, and exercise with new friends.

Waterside Shops

Enjoy the outdoors at the Waterside Shops, and find a new outfit for your next rendezvous.

Sweat out the toxins at Naples Family Fitness and take a senior cardio class or senior tone class.

Whether you want to relax or stay active, Naples can scratch that itch!

Restaurants and Bars in Naples for Seniors

One of the great things about Naples is the variety of dining they have. From upscale to casual, their fresh food does not disappoint.

Every weekend senior’s head over to Third Street South on Saturdays, and Pine Ridge Road Farmers Market on Sundays to eat the homemade food and purchase the hand-made items from locals.

Naples farmers markets are always full of great people, and it is a perfect place to walk around and enjoy the weather.

Coconut Point Shops
Coconut Point Shops

Make sure to visit Coconut Point if you’re looking for a great area to dine, shop, and enjoy entertainment.

Whether it’s burgers, freshly caught fish sandwiches, or just enjoying a nice cold brew, Tin City Waterfront Shops will give you what you need. Its casual dining spots and scenic views offer something for everyone.

Wherever you choose to eat in Naples, friendly faces and a relaxed atmosphere will welcome you.

Cultural Activities in Naples for Seniors

Naples is a city that is booming with arts and culture. The city entertains its residents and visitors and changes their art exhibitions regularly.

It always has new performances playing at its multiple theatres too. Here are some places you need to check off your list when you arrive:

Artis Naples

Home of the Baker Museum and the Naples Philharmonic, Artis is the premier center for the performing and visual arts in Southwest Florida.

They host more than 800 concerts, performances, and exhibitions each year so you will never see the same thing twice unless you want to.


This venue brings back old Tony Awarded Broadway classics that are must-sees if you love musical theatre.

Gulfshore Playhouse

A Nonprofit theatre that adheres to the highest artistic standards and aims to expand your imagination with many performances that will take you on an adventure and inspire you at the same time.

Museum of the Everglades
Museum of the Everglades

Museum of Everglades

Accessible only by boat, this museum dates back to a time when construction of the Tamiami Trail was underway and the tiny settlement of the Everglades served as the first county seat in 1927.

Delve into over 2,000 years of human history in this area and learn more about how this trading town became what it is today.

Naples Depot Museum

This museum, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, brings visitors back to a time when the railroads were in its prime.

Immokalee Pioneer Museum

Originally home to cattleman Robert Roberts and his family in the early 1900s, this 13-acre historic site and museum tell the story about how people survived out in the Big Cypress Swamp.

If you need some help getting around Naples or Marco Island or if you’re looking for an amazing social experience, visit joinpapa.com and request a college student to show you around town.

7 Ideas For This Father's Day

Father’s Day is a wonderful time of the year. Husbands and Dads have a day to be celebrated, and we get to do something special to show them appreciation and create joy in their life. Papa wants to be a part of that!

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show gratitude to our dads, make the day theirs, and celebrate all that they’ve done for us.

Unfortunately, the reality for some is that we don’t live as close to our elderly loved ones as we’d like.

For those seniors, these holiday times can be lonely, but Papa can be the source of physical companionship and celebration that brightens their holiday.

Our passionate Papa Pals want to make sure your Papa gets the love they so very much deserve, even if you can’t be there yourself.

A Papa Pal can be the hug that you send to your dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, or the heartwarming smile that makes their holiday special.

Wish you could see the look on your dad’s face as he reads your Father’s Day Card? Even better, you can wish him one with the grandchildren by your side as you look into his eyes via a Facetime call that our Papa Pals would be more than happy to help coordinate.

When we celebrate Father’s Day it’s important to do more than just the standard phone call and card.

We at Papa think they deserve an entire day. Start with a homemade breakfast or brunch reservation, break out the cards, and get going on an adventurous day your father will remember all the way through next year.

Papa Pals can help with all the above, and if you need some recommendations on other activities you or your Papa Pal can enjoy with dad, see our favorites below:

Nature Trails 

Take a peaceful stroll with your dad and take a few hours to talk, observe nature, and enjoy each other’s company.

Matinee Movie 

It’s so rare we get to enjoy a movie with our elderly loved ones, Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to make the trip.

Go out to eat

If you had breakfast at home, take your dad to lunch with a view. Maybe one of his favorite places he doesn’t get to go to so often anymore.

Look through photo albums

Seniors HIking

Nothing beats reminiscing about great family memories, and Father’s Day is a perfect excuse to do just that.

Sporting Event 

Depending on your location, odds are you can catch a baseball game this time of year, and they’ll probably be celebrating Father’s Day at the stadium too.

Walk around a local Farmer’s Market

Between the people, food, and rustle & bustle, a farmer’s market can be a great place for a fun-filled day with dad.


For dads who prefer a quieter, more artistic setting; a day at the museum will be time well spent.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Is there anything special we can help make happen in you or your loved one’s life?

Let us know by following us on social media, commenting, and staying involved with Papa. Call us today: 1-800-348-7951

Activities for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Known for its growing population of retirees, Hillsborough and Pinellas County have beautiful parks, nature preserves, and white sand beaches for seniors to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

These counties are on the up-rise for seniors because they are cost-effective, safe, and friendly.


Since the founding of the nonprofit Senior Connection Center in Tampa over 30 years ago, senior citizens are more aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle and be independent.

Their classes promote outdoor activities for seniors and give them more confidence as they age.

Between Hillsborough and Pinellas County, there are over 40 breath-taking parks and preserves for seniors to walk, bike, stretch, and meditate.

Be adventurous and take a ferry ride to Egmont Key National Wildlife Preserve at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Enjoy a walk through Brooker Creek Preserve, which is the largest natural area in Pinellas County, and study the native flora and fauna.

Stay current with Pinellas Park’s monthly Senior Center Newsletter located on their website for discounts and events in the area.

Don’t forget to relax on the Clearwater beaches any day of the week and read a book.

Make sure you visit the fishing town, Madeira Beach in Pinellas County to window shop their waterfront galleries and view their handmade Native American crafts.

On the weekends you can take a five-dollar guided nature trail at Lettuce Lake in Hillsborough County and learn about the extensive variety of wildlife and native plants.

No matter what county you’re in, both focus on preserving their nature and wildlife. You will never be disappointed with their well-kept parks.

Fun Activities for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Whether you’re in Hillsborough or Pinellas County, you will find a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you busy for months!

If you’re in Hillsborough County, especially during the summer months and you want to escape the heat, make sure you visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.

Seniors who are 60 years and older will receive an admission discount and have the opportunity to see some of the most famous sea creatures up close and personal.

Take a trip to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa and flash your senior citizen badge for a discount as well.

Bet your money on the fastest horse at Tampa Bay Downs and pocket some money if you win.

Stay all day at the Senior Centers: Bloomingdale West Recreation Center, Plant City Adult Day Care, Phyliss Busanky Senior Center, and Northlakes Community Center and play brain challenging games with people your age.

Bring a friend to Pinellas County and play at the Shuffleboard Club in St. Petersburg where 65 courts are conveniently located.

Enjoy a leisure walk through the oldest living museum, the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg.

Get out your paintbrushes and take an art class at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.

Dunedin Fine Arts Center

Based on your hobbies and passions, you can find anything you desire in both counties.

Restaurants and Bars for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Because of the temperate weather, there’s been a growing popularity for farmers markets and food trucks.

Make sure to visit Tampa Bay Markets on the third Thursday of the month and dance to live music while enjoying decadent cocktails.

If you’re in Pinellas Park, visit the family-owned business Wagon Wheel Flea Market; you can shop there for local finds while having a bite to eat.

You’ll never go wrong choosing a restaurant in Channel Side by the water. Drive over to Clearwater and visit Nature’s Food Patch and Market Café. Seniors receive discounts on “Seniors Day” which is hosted on the first Wednesday of the month.

Tampa’s Riverwalk is a great place for a leisure stroll because once you get hungry there’s a ton of restaurant options to soothe your cravings.

Tampa Riverwalk

Cultural Activities for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg

The sister counties connect to all walks of life through their art, museums, and venues.

When you’re visiting both counties you can find many aspects of Floridian history and raw talent.

Get your creative juices flowing by visiting these places listed below:

Pinellas County:

Museum of Fine Arts

Having collections that age as far as 5,000 years ago to the present day, the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Petersburg gives a new inspiration to art and diversity.

Salvador Dali Museum

Dedicated to the works of Salvador Dali, this museum in St. Petersburg has the largest amount of Dali’s artwork outside of Europe.

Salvador Dali Museum
Salvador Dali Museum

Dunedin Historical Museum

Learn the history of Dunedin and see how it has changed over the years through the antiques and old photos of that era.

Florida Holocaust Museum

Located in St. Petersburg, this is one of the largest Holocaust Museums in the country. Seniors will receive a discount on their ticketed prices too.

Ruth Eckerd Hall

From Broadway plays to talented musicians, buy your tickets to see famous performers at this venue located in Clearwater.

Hillsborough County:

Henry Plant Museum

Located on the University of Tampa’s campus, this museum is known as a National Historic Landmark.

Learn more about America’s Gilded Age and the life of Henry Plant.

Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay History Center
Tampa Bay History Center

Along the RiverWalk in Tampa, this museum gives an insight of who inhabited our land in the 1500s.

It has regularly changing exhibitions so you can keep coming back.

Museum of Science and Industry

This hands-on museum lets you interact with over 100 science activities and learn about space with its planetarium. If you want to feel like a kid again, go here!

David A Straz Center for Performing Arts

This venue has consistent Broadway shows, Opera’s, and orchestra bands playing every day of the week.

If you’re in Tampa and love the arts, you must purchase tickets and watch the best-of-the-best perform.

If you need some help getting around Tampa or St. Petersburg or if you're looking for an amazing social experience, visit joinpapa.com and request a college student to show you around town.

Vero beach

Activities for Seniors in Indian River County

Outdoor Activities in Indian River County for Seniors

Indian River County is known for its laid-back people and beautiful beaches.

If you’re an outdoors person, this community is a great place to go fishing, golfing, water sporting, boating, and relaxing near the ocean.


Since the founding of The Senior Resource Association in 1974, Indian River County has made it easier for seniors to retire in their cities.

Their mission has created seniors to live a healthy active lifestyle while encouraging them to live independently.

They want their seniors to enjoy a life full of serenity, but also let them know they have a tight-knit community they can depend on.

The county also puts a lot of emphasis on wheelchair access at beaches and parks, which makes it easier for seniors with disabilities to enjoy their time with Mother Nature.

The top beach parks we recommend for seniors are Jaycee Park and Humiston Park in Vero Beach.

Beach Boardwalk Near Jaycee Park
Beach Boardwalk Near Jaycee Park

Both of these parks include beautiful walking trails, lifeguards, boat launching ramps, and picnic tables.

Make sure to visit Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge to see endangered sea turtles and West Indian Manatees.

This is a special place in the county because it’s known as the nation’s first national wildlife Refuge.

When you arrive, make sure you go on a wildlife tour. If you love dolphins, go on a boat tour at the Indian River Lagoon and Estuary in Sebastian.

As you spot the friendly fish, you can learn more about one of the most biodiverse environments in North America.

Fun Activities in Indian River County for Seniors

Since the weather is never an issue in Indian River County, it’s always easy to find something to do.

First, stop at the 18-acre tropical beauty McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach.

They have over 100 varieties of water lilies throughout their gardens, and seniors receive a discount upon entry.

Scrape the surface at the 64-acre Environment Learning Center in Vero Beach.

Choose to go on a pontoon ride, rent a canoe, go on guided nature walks, or stand in awe at the 145-gallon aquarium touch-tank.

Become a member and receive tons of discounts and unlimited free visits so you can do it all.

Catch a large Snook at the Sebastian Inlet, and then cook it for a tasty treat.

Snook Fishing
Snook Fishing

Get your headset on at the Florida Cracker Airboat Rides and Guide Service for a fun trip through the marshes.

Shop and save at the Vero Beach Outlets and leave happy with prices you can’t beat.

Practice your golf swing at the nationally acclaimed top public course in the country, Sandridge Municipal Golf Course.

Indian River County has many scenic options for you to explore and enjoy your time while you’re there.

Restaurants and Bars in Broward County for Seniors

Every year many people come to Indian River County to enjoy the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival.

Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival

This three-day event is also known as the “Hamptons of South Florida” because it supports different charities that are focused on the environment, health, education, human services, animals in distress, and children and families.

This philanthropic event involves a lot of chef and wine tastings throughout each day, and it’s a great event to mark on your calendar each year.

Aside from the festival, Indian River County has a mouthwatering amount of delicious dishes.

Savor the flavors at the Treasure Coast Culinary Tour in Vero Beach or Sebastian and enjoy a multi-course meal at different venues in the city.

Vero Beach Farmers Market

It’s hard not to stop by the How Sweet It Is Chocolate Factory either with over 200 varieties of hand-dipped chocolates.

Go in and sample their decadent chocolate, ice cream, Italian ice, or butter fudge.

Don’t forget to shop where the locals go every Saturday at the Famers Market Oceanside in Vero Beach and get fresh produce, meats, and gourmet specialty items; you won’t be disappointed.

Cultural Activities in Broward County for Seniors

Indian River County puts a lot of emphasis into their community’s art, theatre, and museums.

It’s a treasure to visit these places because they’re well maintained and appreciated. Whenever you’re in the area make sure to check these places off your list:

Vero Beach Museum of Art

This indoor-outdoor museum has regional, state, and national exhibits and offers free admission every last Saturday of the month.

The Emerson Center

With the best concerts in town and spectacular special events, there is always something you can plan for in advance. Visit their website and see what events they have coming soon.

Vero Beach Opera

Highlighting community talent, the Opera enhances culture in the county. Sign up for a class or watch a live performance.

Riverside Theatre

This playhouse is known as America’s largest small town professional theatre. It currently puts on 255 live performances a year.

McLarty Treasure Museum

For only 2$ admission, this great local find will show you why Indian River County is called the “treasure coast.” View different artifacts and buried treasure finds in their multiple exhibits.

Hallstrom Farmstead Vero Beach

Walk into the life during the early 20th century and visit the Hallstrom’s Swedish plantation that farmed citrus and pineapples. Built in 1918, the plantation is still perfectly preserved for visitors today.

If you need some help getting around Indian River County or if you're looking for an amazing social experience, visit joinpapa.com and request a college student to show you around town.

south beach florida

Best Cities for Seniors in Florida

With Florida’s unique landscape and warm weather throughout the state, it’s very common for senior citizens to either move here permanently or become “snowbirds.”

Many cities in Florida have a great appeal to senior citizens because of their natural preservations and great beaches.

The sunshine state gives seniors a great opportunity to experience the outdoors year-round, keeping them younger and healthier.

Since we are currently expanding our services to many cities across Florida in 2018, we have done a lot of research on where seniors will enjoy their time the most.

Here are the top 10 cities for seniors in Florida

banner-papa-blogs#10 – Ocala area

This city has many things to do for seniors. In fact, they have a community nearby called The Villages, which is a 55+ active community and is rated the best place to retire.

Being inland there is a lot natural land with many hills. It is a quick drive to Orlando, but you also are far enough from the busy city.

#9—Naples/Fort Myers area

With its beautiful weather and Gulf of Mexico beaches, this is one of the main attractions cities for seniors.

It is a quiet area that also has lively areas and amazing food. It is only a 2.5-hour drive to Miami for those who want a weekend getaway.


This city is right next to the Indian River so you will feel a cool breeze all year.

It’s also known as a laid-back city with a small town feel. Bird watching is one of the most popular hobbies in this city.


Nationally recognized, Sierra Key beach is one of the top three beaches in America and many seniors enjoy visiting this city.

You can enjoy reading a book and relaxing with your toes in the sand on any given day.

If you love deer spotting, Rothenbach Park is a main attraction for watching the wildlife that roams freely.

#6— Greater Tampa Area

Having St. Pete and Clearwater in Tampa’s back pocket, there are a ton of outdoor activities to do without skimming the surface.

The beautiful beaches and downtowns are senior accessible and their indoor museums are beautiful.

Clematis_St_PM_BNXTBVQY#5— West Palm Beach

Known as Florida’s Golf Capital, Palm Beach thrives on seniors who love the sport.

From the beaches to the lively downtown, this spot is a great city for seniors to visit.

#4— Greater Miami Area

Miami is packed with culture and adventure. If you are an active senior and you love lively music, museums, sports, and festivals, this city will keep you busy.

#3—Port St. Lucie/Fort Pierce Area

The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on the beach are a huge plus for seniors who love to enjoy Mother Nature.

This city is ranked as one of the safest and crime free areas.

#2—Vero Beach

With some of the friendliest people, this city is known for its mellowness. Everything is extremely affordable in this town.

There is a small town feel to this city because the population isn’t too big. The best part about this town is how little traffic there is on the streets.

#1—Punta Gorda

With its relaxed lifestyle and friendly community, it’s easy to make friends in this town.

There are many recreational activities that are community centered and is an ideal vacation destination.

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