Senior Transportation

Social Transportation: Rides for Seniors

One of the most important things you can offer an elderly loved one is companionship, and one of the greatest needs of our elderly friends and family is transportation.

Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment, our loved ones have places to go and things to do.

Social transportation is the Papa way of bringing both companionship and transportation into the mix.

Imagine this...

Valeria and Olga
Valeria and Olga

Your loved one has a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday early in the afternoon.

They could also use some groceries to stock up their fridge, pick up some paper towels, and they also can’t forget to grab a card for a family member’s upcoming birthday.

You, the caregiver, have a big meeting that same day and have already called out of work multiple times this month.

Rescheduling the doctor’s appointment is always a possibility, but what if it’s something urgent? What would you do?

Practically speaking, you could always order a taxi, or an Uber for your loved one.

Realistically though, is that safe? What if something were to happen during the ride that made your loved ones feel uncomfortable?

Beyond that, does it give your loved one the care and companionship they really need?

The Uber driver is going to pick them up, say hi, and drop them off. The taxi driver certainly isn’t going to assist your loved one to the door of their doctor’s visit or help them get from store to store to get what they need.

However, our Papa Pals will not only get your loved ones to the door of their doctor’s office, but they stay with them until the visit is over, while being a compassionate friend.

Afterward, they can take them to the grocery store, the drug store, or wherever else they need to go, carrying their bags along the way.

Wouldn’t that be a better solution for everyone?

Our Papa Pals are a committed team of soon-to-be nurses and college-goers who are mostly looking to enter the healthcare industry.

Papa Pals are more reliable than an Uber or a Taxi service, and more importantly, we care.

We care that your loved one not only gets to where they need to go but has fun doing it too.

Papa Pals understand the pressures that can come from being a caregiver on top of having a full-time job and other responsibilities. We aren’t just doing this to make a living; we’re doing this to make a difference.

Papa Pals are committed to providing door-to-door transportation with safety and compassion as our key focuses.

We believe that having fun and socializing with your elderly loved ones is critical in providing them the highest quality of life we can.

Papa offers an affordable alternative to full-time nursing and home care. Within that service, we are thrilled to offer elderly transportation as an alternative to simply relying on ride-sharing services. That’s our idea of Social Transportation.

Who says grocery shopping can’t be fun? Call us today at 1(800)-348-7951 and let Papa help you today.

Guide for a Caregiver to connect with a Senior

 As a Papa Pal Caregiver, you’re a bright light in the life of your senior.

Often, help is requested for an elderly parent or loved one who needs assistance with transportation, daily activities, or just an amazing social experience.

Elderly companions are also a source of socialization, which is important for a senior’s well-being.

As people age, they can begin to feel isolated, and non-medical senior care jobs allow you to provide trusted companionship to an elderly adult in need.

By connecting with your senior as a Papa Pal, you will enrich the experience for both of you. For you, it’s a rewarding job.

And for your senior, it can be a high point in their day.

Five ways to connect with your member


If you’re a nursing or healthcare student working as a Papa Pal, you can offer the best support by making a connection with your senior.

And you can accomplish it in the following five ways:

Just chat

Once you do, try to find topics you have in common. Then talk about those.

It helps to be a good listener during your conversations—this will make it easier to discover your senior’s topics of interest.

Share information about yourself

Maybe you recently went on a trip and took pictures, or you’re artistic and recently created something beautiful.

Bringing an item as a “show and tell” to your senior visit can help to spark conversation.

It will also help you and your senior get to know each other.

Ask your senior about their interests

Seems pretty easy, right? Then, look for activities your senior might find interesting.

This could include games, puzzles, movies, books, magazines, outdoor activities, exercises, recipes, etc.

Come up with an option or two, and bring it along on your next visit.

Swap stories

One of the greatest pastimes in life is storytelling. Your elderly companion may love to tell stories and not often have someone to tell them to.

Your visit can be a welcome opportunity for your care companion to open up and share.

And don’t be afraid to tell a story or two of your own.

Check with your senior’s family

If you’re having a difficult time getting your senior to open up, it can help to get in touch with their family and simply ask what their interests are.

Then, brainstorm a few ideas for activities or conversation starters, and bring them with you the next time you see your senior.

Looking for a position as a Papa Pal caregiver?

If you’re looking to work with seniors, contact Papa. Our Papa Pals are young, fun and energetic college students, mainly in nursing or healthcare school.

This can include socializing, meal prep, light housework and more.

Sign-up today to start your journey as a Papa Pal!

Papa Pal member and Papa Pal

Top Reasons You Should Be A Papa Pal Caregiver

Giving back to others is good for you—mind, body and soul! And non-medical senior caregiving jobs are no exception. If you’re a nursing or healthcare student and you’re looking for a job you can feel good about, you should consider becoming a Papa Pal.

What is a Papa Pal?

With this unique job role, you’ll be providing an amazing experience to seniors in your community.

This includes assistance with daily tasks, as well as socialization. Your Papa Pal duties are specific non-medical tasks your elderly care companion needs help with, including laundry, transportation to medical appointments, cooking and light housework.

Papa Pals also “pal” around with their seniors, and often play games, go for walks or help them with arts and craft projects.

It’s a fun and engaging way to help another person while experiencing firsthand what senior assistance and care is all about!

How helping others helps you

Papa Pals

Rewarding work, like non-medical caregiving jobs, is beneficial to the seniors you’ll spend time with. But did you know they’re good for you, too? Here’s why:

Make new friends

As a Papa Pal, you’ll have a role in the life of your member and their family. To build social connections, it’s good to interact with all different people—both young and old.

You can make new friends while you experience the rewarding work of helping someone maintain a sense of well-being.

Stress less

Work that challenges you to give back to your community is good for your mental health—it can give you a sense of purpose, add to your happiness and even help combat depression. All of this can help you reduce stress and breathe a little easier.

Build your confidence

Maybe you’re heading towards graduation and feel you need to develop your “people skills” to be able to work with your future patients.

As a Papa Pal, you’ll have 1:1 interaction with your member, and as you gain experience, you’ll find your confidence increase!

Stay physically active

Helping out with daily activities will keep you on your toes. Senior caregiving jobs will help you keep moving and avoid being sedentary—a common problem for students who often find themselves behind a computer screen or buried in a book.

Learn something new

Though Papa Pals don’t fulfill any medical or home health tasks, you can still learn skills that will help you in your career.

Simply making time to be a good communicator through listening and sharing is an important skill for a professional in the healthcare field. What other skills will you gain?

Interested in joining us?

Papa offers senior caregiving opportunities in South Florida for nursing and healthcare students. If you’re interested in a rewarding, feel-good job, we’re looking for you! Register to be a Papa Pal today!

Papa Pals

Starting a Position as a Papa Pal?

Here’s How to Provide the Best Care Possible as a Papa Pal

Congratulations on your new position! As a Papa Pal, you’re taking a rewarding step in your career as you learn more about elderly care services.

Plus, you’re serving your community as a helper to a population that may find themselves lonely and in need of support.

As you embark on your new Papa Pal position, you may be wondering how to do your very best. Of course you’ll learn along the way, but you can hit the ground running with these top five tips.

Best-Ever Senior Care Assistance—Five Do’s

As you enter the life of your senior (also called member!), you’ll play a very special role as assistant and friend. Here’s how you can do your very best during your new role:

Get to know your member

As a Papa Pal, our members have hired you to provide a variety of help that may include meal prep, going with your senior on a walk, socialization such as playing a game of cards or even light housekeeping.

When you first meet your senior, open up the dialog with a conversation! What meals do they like, where do they prefer to go for a walk and what games do they love to play?

The more you learn about your elderly companion, the better equipped you’ll be to provide appropriate assistance and care.

Use GPS or Google Maps

Your responsibilities may include driving your senior to a doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store.

If you’re not familiar with the area, it always helps to use available technology such as GPS or a mapping app for your phone. Your member may be able to direct you; however, it never hurts to have back-up navigation ready, just in case.

Be patient

As people age, it may take them longer to express their thoughts or get their words out. Plus, your member may feel unsure and take a bit to warm up to you. That’s OK—be patient and kind, and always a good listener.

Be creative

Elderly people have well-developed likes and dislikes, but may be open to learning and trying new things.

As you get to know your member, don’t be afraid to make fun activity suggestions!

If you know your member likes a particular kind of food, you could search for new recipes together.

If you find a movie, game or craft you think your senior might like, why not bring it up during your next visit?

If they like conversation, ask them about their life and learn about the exciting adventures they may have taken.

Variety is the spice of life, and your contributions will make the difference in the quality of your new friend’s day!

Come prepared 

Your Papa Pal position will likely have you on your feet. Always dress appropriately with your Papa T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. And, remember to smile!

Your positive attitude will be contagious in the care you provide.

Looking for a Senior Caregiving Job?

Check out Papa, We’re a unique company that matches you with opportunities in your community.

If you’re a nursing or healthcare student interested in serving your community and earning extra money with a part-time job, we’re looking for you! Sign up to be a Papa Pal today!