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Activities for Seniors in Los Angeles

 Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Los AngelesThe city of Los Angeles rolls out the red carpet to visitors with its perfect weather, fantastic beaches, and beautiful…

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Activities for Seniors in Philadelphia

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in PhiladelphiaAlso known as the “cultural anchor of America”, Philadelphia is filled with luscious greenery and beautiful sightseeing…

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How to Motivate Seniors to Participate in Activities

Getting seniors more active and involved is one of the most impactful services Papa can provide. There are endless benefits to physical and social activities for the…

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Activities for Seniors in Harrisburg

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Harrisburg Harrisburg is a true American city. It serves as the capital of Pennsylvania and sits on the Susquehanna River. Harrisburg…

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Activities for Seniors in Chicago

Outdoor Activities in Chicago for SeniorsWhether you’re near Lake Michigan or downtown, Chicago is packed with parks, tours, and recreational activities. Since the…

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Activities for Seniors in Kansas City

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Kansas City Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and one of the most populated in the country. The city is home to almost…

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Activities for Seniors in Knoxville

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Knoxville Knoxville is too often the forgotten city of Tennessee. A little-known fact is that Knoxville was actually the original…

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Activities for Seniors in Nashville

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Nashville Nashville is the capital of and most populated city in Tennessee. It is well renowned for its influence in music, especially…

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Activities for Seniors in Lansing, Michigan

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Lansing Michigan Lansing is the capital city of Michigan and the fifth largest city in the state. Lansing is ranked as the #41 “Best…

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Activities for Seniors in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo is a city in Southern Michigan known for its local universities and breweries. With a population of over 330,000 people in the greater Kalamazoo-Portage Metro…

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Activities for Seniors in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is one of the largest cities in Michigan located along the Grand River. Also known as the River City, Grand Rapids is home to some of the countries most…

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Wellness Week

Celebrating Wellderly Awareness Week

In today’s world, the word elderly and wellness are not often synonymous. In fact, it is our oldest and wisest that too often get left without the type of attention and…

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Jacksonville City

Activities for Seniors in Jacksonville

Outdoor Activities in Jacksonville for Seniors The city of Jacksonville is the largest city in the Continental United States, and with nearly 850,000 residents, it’s…

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Senior Activities in Orlando

Activities for Seniors in Orlando

Outdoor Activities in Orlando for Seniors When most people think of Orlando they think of Disney World and summer vacations. However, unbeknownst to many, Orlando has…

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Recipes you can cook with a Papa Pal

Let’s be honest – during the summer months, it’s not always a pleasant experience to go outside in the Florida heat. Sure, the beach is calling your name and rounds of…

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The Papa Visit Experience: A Day with Sam

Meet Sam, he's 91 years old and uses Papa once a week. He's been a Papa member since February and loves to go out with one of our Papa Pals to Dunking Donuts and……

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Summer activities for seniors

Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Ahh, Summertime. Summer is often associated with beach days, bathing suits, vacations, and relaxing poolside with a drink in hand. Now, none of these activities…

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Downtown Sarasota

Activities for Seniors in Sarasota

Outdoor Activities in Sarasota County for Seniors In the past 10 years, Sarasota County has increased its senior citizen population by five percent, which brought their…

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Naples Florida

Senior Activities in Naples Florida

Outdoor Activities in Naples for Seniors Whether you’re closer to the wilderness or the white-sand beaches, Naples is a city that will give you a small-town feel with…

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The Villages Florida

Why You Might Want a Place at The Villages

The Villages is a near-famous retirement destination located just one hour north of Orlando in Sumter County, Florida. Known as the “Friendliest Neighborhood in America”…

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Loneliness: More than an Emotional Condition

Loneliness is considered by many to be a new-coming epidemic in the United States. There is no subset of the population more impacted by this than our senior citizens.…

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7 Ideas For This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a wonderful time of the year. Husbands and Dads have a day to be celebrated, and we get to do something special to show them appreciation and create joy…

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Senior Transportation

Social Transportation: Rides for Seniors

One of the most important things you can offer an elderly loved one is companionship, and one of the greatest needs of our elderly friends and family is transportation.…

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Activities for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg Known for its growing population of retirees, Hillsborough and Pinellas County have beautiful parks, nature…

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Vero beach

Activities for Seniors in Indian River County

Outdoor Activities in Indian River County for Seniors Indian River County is known for its laid-back people and beautiful beaches. If you’re an outdoors person, this…

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Best Assisted Living Communities In Florida

Just like people, all assisted living communities are unique. Different levels of care are offered to optimize a better lifestyle for each individual. There are many…

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Senior community

Best Senior Communities in South Florida

In today’s upbeat and energetic society 55 is the new 25. That’s why the top senior communities in South Florida are created for the active ager. In Southeast Florida,…

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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers Helpful or Harmful?

We've all been taught the common practice of proper hand-washing techniques. Now hand sanitizers seem to have taken over. Hand sanitizers are everywhere! There is little…

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Guide for a Caregiver to connect with a Senior

 As a Papa Pal Caregiver, you’re a bright light in the life of your senior. Often, help is requested for an elderly parent or loved one who needs assistance with…

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Preparing a Loved One for Assisted Living

When the Realization Hits There comes a time in the life of a caregiver when it is painfully clear things can’t go on as they are. This is where I found myself after…

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senior couple

Happy Valentine’s Day: A Caregiver’s Love Story

February brings thoughts of love and romance. Yet some stories are worth hearing any time of year: Jack's life was no big deal. He excelled in business but seemed to…

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south beach florida

Best Cities for Seniors in Florida

With Florida’s unique landscape and warm weather throughout the state, it’s very common for senior citizens to either move here permanently or become “snowbirds.” Many…

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granddaughter and grandfather

Senior Parents? Five Common Health Concerns

Health and wellness are important at any age but takes an immediate forefront for senior-aged adults. During their golden years, it’s critical for senior parents and…

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seniors having fun

Make Senior Living Easy and Pleasant

There are slight adjustments to routines and habits to make senior living more enjoyable while avoiding hassles faced by many. As seniors, you deserve to enjoy your…

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Senior Activities in Palm Beach County

Outdoor Activities in Palm Beach County for Seniors No matter if you’re near the beachside, in the urban area, or visiting the wetlands, Palm Beach County has many…

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Tips for Older Adults During Flu Season

What can seniors do to protect themselves from seasonal ailments, like the flu, while maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle? The airwaves are bombarded with what feels like…

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Yogo and Seniors 2

The Best Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Yoga is a great way to add strength, flexibility, focus and a sense of calm to your waking hours. If you’ve never tried it before, or if you have and want to get back…

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Snowbirds Live The Good Life Letting Others Shovel Snow

The lifestyle of retired adults who travel south to avoid snow has been dubbed snowbirding. Snowbirds are usually senior citizens who are well off enough to afford to…

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New River at the Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk Condo City Skyline

Activities for Seniors in Broward County

Outdoor Activities in Broward County for Seniors Whether you’re in the suburbs or close to the beach, Broward County is packed with nature centers, parks, and…

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water aerobics

Seniors Find Fitness and Fun with Water Aerobics

Much is said about getting in shape--not only at New Year's--but all year long. At many local YMCA or other pools, seniors are becoming fit with no pressure on their…

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senior handing out keys

When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

As we age, so do our vision, reaction time and fine motor skills. All these things are involved in operating a vehicle. As drivers on the road, it’s not only our own…

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Seniors aerobics

Five Great Senior Exercise and Fitness Activities

Staying active is important at any age! For older adults, it adds to strength and flexibility and helps them remain mobile. Regular exercise can also help improve…

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seniors doing arts and crafts

Five No-Fail Art Activities for Seniors

The best craft activities for seniors are those that allow them to create something useful but don’t require a lot of up-close detail work or an incredibly steady hand.…

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senior doing laundry

Seniors Organizing for the Next Phase of Life

Storage units are sitting full and accumulating dust across the continent, and even in this economy seniors keep bringing bags of new stuff into their homes. Maybe this…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Winter Holidays

No matter what winter holiday you observe, these ideas may help to get your dose of happiness for the season: One of the most challenging facets of managing Christmas is…

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Papa Pal member and Papa Pal

Five Ways Your Loved One Can Benefit From a Papa Pal

You want to be sure your aging family member gets the care they need. But you might not be able to visit all the time and help out, especially if you have a full-time…

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Miami Downtown

Activities in Miami Dade County for Seniors

Outdoor Activities in Miami Dade County for Seniors Miami-Dade is one of the biggest urban counties in America, but it was built around many parks and nature trails…

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Papa Pal member and Papa Pal

Do You Have an Elderly Parent Out of State?

Here’s How You Can Still Be a Great Caregiver If you’re like many of us, you have a busy life. From work to household responsibilities, to family commitments and more,…

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alzheimer ribbon

Be Proactive for Awareness of Alzheimer’s

Due to the amazing growth of Boomers and number of patients with Alzheimer’s (AD), it has become even more important for both the medical professionals and families to…

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Father and daughter

Safety for Frail Seniors Who Come to Your Home

When inviting an elderly or frail senior to your home, it would be worth taking some precautions to ensure they can enjoy the occasion to the fullest without mishaps or…

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Senior driving

Helping a Senior Who Should Stop Driving

It's vital to make the decision to stop driving before tragic events occur. Family or caregivers can often see it coming, and need to act kindly then. The need for an…

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How Intergenerational Activities Help Society

The old and the young are two groups with much in common. They may have time on their hands, they are at times under-appreciated, and they have a lot to offer each…

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Helping When a Friend is Diagnosed with a Chronic Disease

If an older friend or loved one is struggling with a serious illness, there are several fairly easy actions friends can take to provide caring and unforgettable……

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Finding Dependable & Fun Assistance for Your Aging Parents

Whether your elderly parent needs someone to take a walk in the park, play a game of checkers with, or someone to do light housekeeping -- Papa has the perfect Papa Pal…

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