Finding Dependable & Fun Assistance for Your Aging Parents

Whether your elderly parent needs someone to take a walk in the park, play a game of checkers with, or someone to do light housekeeping -- Papa has the perfect Papa Pal for the job.

Caregivers often want to devote more time to their aging parents, but due to their own work responsibilities, household chores, errands, and social activities, finding the time to do so is often quite difficult.

More often than not, senior citizens have friends who would love to help them out, but due to their own medical conditions, they no longer have the ability to drive or the energy to assist.

Finding dependable, attentive and fun assistants for your aging parent is now possible via our website.

Needs of Senior Citizens

As a caregiver for your elderly parents, it is likely that you can find the time to stop by for a visit with them in the evening or during the weekend or to call them a few times during the week.

But your love and moral support isn't the only need that they have.

Senior citizens with health problems tend to have frequent doctor appointments and these can be very time-consuming once you pick up your parent, wait for a lengthy time at the doctor's office, get prescriptions filled and then take your parent home.

Your parents also need to run errands that require that you go along, such as getting a haircut, banking, and shopping for groceries or their clothing needs.

All of these things are quite time-consuming and can wipe out your vacation time from work at a rapid pace.

Or the various errands can eat up all your free time during the evenings and weekends so that you never seem to find time to relax and wind down from your work day.

This can cause you undue stress, make you more prone to illness and resulting in a less than satisfactory quality of life.

How Papa Helps

Papa Pal member and Papa Pal

Papa has made it their mission to provide quality assistance to senior citizens by hiring young, energetic, responsible and attentive staff members to help out with many of their needs.

These Papa Pals are available at minimal prices to simply stop by your parents' home to make sure they are doing OK. They also do larger tasks, such as walking the dog and taking your parents for errands or doctor's visits.

The Papa Pal can do light housecleaning when necessary. All our staff members go through extensive background checks, which should provide you with peace of mind.

If your elderly parent is homebound, he or she likely miss the social aspects of his or her life. This includes time to socialize, attend church or other fun activities where they can interact with others.

Papa recognizes that this basic need is crucial to their mental and physical well-being, and enables you to hire a Papa Pal to go by and simply visit with your parent.

Whether your parent wants to reminisce by looking through an old photo album, needs a partner for a game of chess or help with a computer or cell phone, or just craves a friendly chat, the Papa Pal is there to provide the fun social time that is crucial to your parent's well-being.

We recognize that your aging parent is quite special to you and therefore, is special and important to us.

You can keep in close contact with us via our handy mobile app, a text or a phone call.

At Papa, you don't just hire an impersonal assistant to provide a necessary service, you hire someone who will interact and bond with your aging parent and become their true friend.


Best ways to help seniors aging in place

Being able to stay in their own home is important to many senior citizens. But this goal can get harder to accomplish as they get older and lose the ability to perform certain tasks. That doesn’t mean they necessarily have to move in with family or to a retirement home. It just means they need a little extra help, which you or other trusted adults can provide in the following ways.

Help Seniors Around the House

Many seniors aging in place eventually lose the ability to cook or clean, so they might need some dependable & fun assistance for your aging parent. If you live nearby and have a little time to spare, you can stop by regularly to straighten out their house and perform tasks like taking out the trash and doing the dishes and laundry. Dropping off precooked meals that will last a few days would be a big help, too, ensuring they’re not constantly ordering pizza or getting fast food every day because they can no longer cook. Of course, many people don’t have the time to perform these tasks for elderly loved ones on a regular basis, which is why you can hire a Papa Pal to do it for you as often as necessary.

Deliver Groceries and Other Necessities for Seniors

Your elderly loved one may need help keeping the essentials in stock. That includes everything from food and drinks to toilet paper and light bulbs. If you don’t have time to take your family member shopping once a week, a Papa Pal can do it as often as your relative needs. He or she can even help your loved one learn to use technology like Amazon to order household goods and groceries.

Make the House Safer for Seniors

If you want some peace of mind as a loved one ages in place, you should ensure the environment is safe. This is as simple as installing support rails in the bathroom, such as next to the toilet and shower. You can even install toilets, counters, and sinks that are a little higher so your elderly relative doesn’t have to bend very far to use them. Adding extra lighting and making sure floors are not slippery can also help keep your loved one safe while aging in place. And of course, you can hire Papa Pals to check on him or her frequently if you’re ever worried about safety at home.

Provide Social Opportunities for Seniors and Caregivers

Staying social is an important part of aging in place since seniors can easily get depressed when they have no contact with the outside world. Your loved one would likely appreciate you and other adults visiting often, even just to talk and especially to listen. You can also set up outings, such as to local stores, the mall, movies, and restaurants. But you don’t have to be your relative’s only friend. In fact, it’s important to ensure they make other friends who share similar interests. You can help with this by signing up your relative for a local senior center and making sure they have a ride there on a regular basis. In addition, Papa Pals can provide transportation to social activities, and they also serve as a new friend to talk to when your loved one is feeling lonely.

If you live far away from your aging loved one, or you simply don’t have time to regularly check in, you can still provide quality care by hiring someone to perform these helpful tasks. At Papa, we’re happy to provide on-demand personal help to seniors aging in place. Papa Pals are enthusiastic, friendly and able to help with everything from grocery shopping and cooking to transportation and good conversation. Contact us today to schedule a Papa Pal to offer the help your loved one needs.

Senior with Camera

How Papa works

On-demand assistance. Senior care, and caregiving. Help with seniors. Personal assistance for seniors. Concierge for families.

Papa works different than traditional services. We make it incredibly simple to access, request, and manage the experience. Our main focus is to offer personal assistance and socialization to seniors and their families. Papa allows for extreme flexibility and does this in a super affordable way. You can request Papa Pals same day or far in advance. Visits can last 15 minutes or the entire day. You don’t have to plan, we are always available to you. The Papa Pal will stay with your senior loved one for as long as you need.

It’s quite simple. You can go to our website, mobile app (iOS and Android), text, or call us. We make access to services easy for any age group or technical capability. We often have family caregivers request services on behalf of their senior family member. We also frequently have seniors request services for themselves. Once you are set up in the system, which take about 5 minutes, you are ready to go!  Any time you need services, just confirm you location, date and time, and needs and we will confirm your Papa Pal. Your credit card information is securely stored so that you don’t have to worry about adding information every time you want services. If you have a recurring visit, it’s very easy to notate that in the system or to our team. There is no minimum, no contract, and no hassle!

Some members want to choose a Papa Pal, some want to use a different Papa Pal every time. This is all welcomed. We want to make you and your family feel extremely comfortable with our service. We assign a Community Manager to you and your family for any questions or to help you schedule visits. You will have a dedicated contact that you can reach out to directly for any needs. Even if you don’t need services and just want to ask questions or your family member wants a chance to talk with our team, we welcome that! Our Community Managers are also available for a great conversation with you or your senior loved one. Maybe you don’t want a Papa Pal that day, but want to have a quick conversation with someone, not a problem.

We believe transparency and communication is key to an incredible experience. So we allow you to communicate with the Papa Pal in the way you feel most comfortable – phone, text, or video.  If you would like to join the first visit, we encourage you, your senior loved one, and the Pal to all spend time together. Our priority is you and your family.

Once the visit is confirmed, a Papa Pal will arrive at the location and complete the requested services on the scheduled date and time. 1 day prior to the visit, the team will confirm if you need anything specific and you will be able to start communicating with your Papa Pal. During the visit, you will have full communication capabilities with your Papa Pal and your Community Manager. After the visit, you can rate your Papa Pal and provide feedback. If you really enjoyed your Pal Pal, you can favorite them and they can be made available to you for future visits. We will even notify you when they are in your area to make it very easy to request them!

Pricing is simple too. We price services based on several factors including, length of visit, time of day, required services, and more. If you just need someone to check-in on your senior loved one, that will be about $10. If you need someone to take your senior loved one to the doctor, the grocery store, and lunch, that will be about $50. Prior to requesting, we will confirm the estimated fee. Visit fees range between $18 – $25 per hour but are charged only based on the time your senior loved one spends with your Papa Pal.

So please, give us a call, text us, email us, or download the app today!