The Best Jobs Before College in Tampa

Tampa is a fast-growing city and greater metropolitan area filled with beaches, a prosperous downtown, and a plethora of Universities. This creates a massive employment center with opportunities for people of (almost) all ages regardless of experience. 

You may not be “Corporate Executive of the Year” material, but you can most definitely find a part or full-time job that puts some money in your pocket. 

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand caregiver provider for senior populations across the country. The senior population continues to grow, especially in Florida, so this means that Papa is in continuing need to expand their Papa Pal workforce. The best part about working with Papa is that you get to make a real difference in other people’s lives. It’s great to make some money on your own schedule. It’s even better to truly impact people positively while you do it. 

Tampa is a large, fast-paced city. It’s not easy to navigate, and more than 175 square miles of land. Tampa also happens to be one of the country’s largest hubs for seniors in both total number and growth. The city, and the seniors that live there, can use all the help they can get. So, do yourself (and the elderly) a favor and join the Papa team!

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2. Retail

Did you know that over 10% of all jobs in the United States are in retail sales? That’s good news for you because often you don’t need much, if any, experience to land one of those jobs for yourself. You may be stuck stocking shelves, dealing with customers, or holding down the cashier, but at least you’ll be making some moolah.

Malls are a great place to start your retail job search. In one hour alone you could make 20 or more in-person applications, so don’t be surprised if you walk away with a job in-hand.

3. Fast Casual Dining 

No experience? No problem. Fast casual restaurants are popping up everywhere and they have much more laidback hiring protocol than a typical sit-down/dine-in restaurant. In fast casual restaurants there is much less customer to service interaction, so it’s almost more of a retail position than food service. Most of the jobs are light food prep, cashiers, or management positions.

Tampa is a dense city, so there are fast casual restaurants on every block. If you’re looking for a part-time or even full-time job but don’t have a ton of work experience, we suggest you take a look in this growing industry. 

4. Grocery Stores

There is something cliché about the teenage bagboy stocking shelves at Publix or Whole Foods. And while this vintage imagery may seem like a relic of the past, it is an absolute opportunity for a pre-college youngin’ like yourself to get their first “real job”. 

The pay is solid and there are typically corporate perks like a consistent schedule, benefits, and lunch breaks that help give you an adult-like experience regardless of your age. 

Nowadays there are so many competing grocers that you’re bound to find an opening if you look hard enough.

So, there you have it. Don’t let experience, age, or education hold you back any longer. There are opportunities out there for anyone willing to look hard enough! Click here to learn more about how to become a Papa Pal. 


Best Gig Economy Jobs in Palm Beach

The future is here! The “gig economy” is a phrase used to describe the modern-day workplace where annual contracts are rare, people work several jobs at once, and folks are freelancers more than they are employees! You can take on this lifestyle anywhere, and Palm Beach County is as good a place as any.   

Palm Beach County is densely populated with a mixed demographic both by culture and age. This combination creates a wide array of opportunity for folks looking to avoid a 9 to 5.  

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand service for seniors in need of a little help doing errands, getting around, or just in search of some companionship. Our team gets the luxury of flexible hours and no long-term commitments making it a perfect summer “gig”. Even greater than that, Papa offers people a chance to impact the lives of the elderly and make a positive difference. 

Palm Beach County is known for its golf courses, beautiful aquatic landscape, and seniors. Being a notorious retirement destination puts Papa Pals in major demand. There are few places better to take part in this mission to help the elderly community. Make some moolah on your own schedule and help people while doing it with Papa.

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2. Delivery

The delivery job title is no longer reserved just for the pizza guy. Everything is delivered in today’s world. Lunch, dinner, packages, groceries, and even people. If you like to drive, there’s a job for you. Postmates, Uber, Amazon, InstaCart are all viable ways to make great additional income. 

By mastering the systems and homing in on efficiency you can even make it a full-time job. Bonus points if you deliver on a bike.  

3. E-Commerce 

This suggestion may come as a surprise but starting your own e-commerce website is not as intimidating as it sounds. Nowadays there are tons of resources available that explain the how and the where of starting your own e-commerce business. So now you can make and sell your own beauty products, knickknacks, or whatever you think the world needs!

Amazon has created an incredible online marketplace for both consumers and sellers. They offer storage facilities, shipping services, and a customizable dashboard to help manage your own Amazon product business. If you’re more of an independent soul then Wordpress, SquareSpace, and Etsy are just a few options that can break you apart from the online behemoth that is Amazon.

4. Freelance

More companies today are outsourcing jobs such as content writing, graphic design, consulting, coaching, and plenty more. Do you understand diet & exercise? You can come up with a fitness and meal plan and sell it online. Are you good with organization? That’s a skillset people are now seeking (and paying) outside assistance for. 

More digital opportunities are available because the internet is a huge public forum. Write down your best talents and skills and find how you can use those to your benefit.

Well, there you have it, there are endless ways to make money without sitting in a cubicle all day making sales calls. Embrace the technology you have available and be your own boss! Learn more information about becoming a Papa Pal.

Gig Economy Jobs in Fort Lauderdale

Thanks to technology and living in a populous city like Fort Lauderdale, it’s much easier to have a side-hustle. “Gig economy” jobs have become more popular in the past couple years because certain apps make it easier to freelance after checking off a few requirements. These jobs also let you choose your own hours! At Papa, we found the top jobs that will give you the most flexibility and money in your pocket. Companies like these below need YOU to grow their businesses!

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand service for seniors in need of a little help doing errands, getting around, or just in search of some companionship. Our Pals get the luxury of flexible hours and no long-term commitments making it a perfect “gig”. At Papa you can make a difference in senior citizens lives and make money doing it! Fort Lauderdale has over 13 million tourists a year and 180,000 people residing in the area. There are many parks, shops, and beaches well suited for seniors. Become a Grandkid On-Demand and apply here.

2. Uber/Lyft

Becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft is pretty simple if you meet the right specs of the job requirements. This job can be an easy side-hustle since you can set your own hours. Uber and Lyft will have you driving around your city until you become a pro! This is a perfect job if you want to make extra income after working a long day, since you can work at any hour. If you’re thinking about working for one of these companies, invest in a small video camera so you can stay safe!

3. Airbnb

If you have extra space where you live, or another house, and you’re looking to make extra income you’ll want to add yourself to Airbnb. Working with Airbnb you’ll become a host on their site and upload photos of your home, apartment, or a room that you want to make extra cash on. Potential guests will be able to browse your home to see if it’s the right fit. Make sure you have a good camera to take pictures of the space to attract more people to your rental!

4. Postmates/GrubHub

Food delivery has always been a popular job, but unlike ordering from delivery only places like Pizza Hut, you can now order from your favorite restaurant and get it delivered to your door. This makes staying at home more convenient for you, but if you want to take advantage of this opportunity become the food deliverer instead of the consumer. This is another job that provides a ton of flexibility and will also help fatten your wallet with hourly plus tips. All you need is a car, good manners, and willing to drop someone’s food off at their door at a designated time.


So there you have it! It’s time for you to get a side-hustle and start making extra money. For more information about Papa, click here.

Activities for Seniors in Los Angeles

 Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles rolls out the red carpet to visitors with its perfect weather, fantastic beaches, and beautiful parks. Some people tend to think Los Angeles is a city for the young, but as the second largest city in the country, this place has a lot of love for their senior citizens too. You can find yourself never growing tired of this city because there are endless opportunities to enjoy indoors and outdoors. From the 29 senior citizen centers throughout the city to senior-friendly hiking trails, anyone can enjoy this city.  Senior centers in this city offer special programs, events, shuffleboard, croquet, arts and crafts, zumba, line dancing, tai chi, language lessons, painting sessions, and dancing classes. While there are many places to visit while you’re in Los Angeles these are a must! Make a point to go to Exposition Park Rose Garden, which is also called “one of the best kept secrets” in Los Angeles. If you want to see the iconic Hollywood Sign, visit Griffith Park Observatory. Located inside Griffith Park you will find many nature trails to hike and can also enjoy panoramic views of Los Angeles. Go see exotic animals and luscious flowers at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Visit the third oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball and cheer on the Dodgers at their stadium. If you want to try and get a hike in, walk Fryman Canyon, which is a senior-friendly 3-mile loop through the Hollywood Hills. 

 Fun Activities for Seniors in Los Angeles

 With Los Angeles’ glitz and glamour, you can find yourself starting your day with a Hollywood tour to check out the iconic film sets and then ending your day at The Walt Disney Concert Hall. This Hall offers music for everyone with a full orchestra. Make sure you check out Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to see the classic movies starring Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and George Burns just to name a few. If you aren’t afraid of heights go to the top of the OUE Skyscrape LA to look at the city from above. Go at night to see the city all lit up.  Walk around the Getty Center art museum and get impressed by the beautiful architecture and design. If you love a good laugh go to one of Los Angeles’ comedy clubs. Sometimes they have a traveling comedy company called Senior Comedy Afternoons and they are the best for improv comedy shows.  From all the museums, music, and tours, Los Angeles is a great place to be year-round. 

 Restaurants and Bars for Seniors in Los Angeles 

Some people will tell you there is no bad meal in Los Angeles. This city is known for great meals and its unique ambiance. Make sure to go to these neighborhoods to find your favorite place. 

Downtown LA 

You will find nationally popular restaurants and picture worthy presentations. All the food is fresh, trendy, and delicious. Walking around downtown has its own experience too. You can look at all the different menus and make a choice. You can’t go wrong! 

The Original Farmers Market

You can find different types of food at the market. Sometimes they have live music and different performances where you can spend hours walking around and enjoying yourself. 

Little Tokyo 

If you love sushi or ramen, you need to check out this area! From classic Japanese dishes to fusion restaurants, you will love the food!  

Arts District

Go eat here are night if you are into a lively crowd. This is a great place to people watch as you dine outside. This area has amazing cuisine that won’t disappoint. 

 Cultural Activities for Seniors in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles has its own aesthetically pleasing culture. The building designs are a work of art as well as different graffiti walls that create the city feel.  There are many different museums to visit and these are just a few. 

The Broad

This art museum shows more contemporary art and is primarily new in downtown Los Angeles. The best part, admission at The Broad is free. Just make sure you get there early!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Along with many museums in LA, this museum is on “museum row” in the city. LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States.  

The Museum of Contemporary Art

 Located near the Walt Disney Concert Hall, this museum is located in Downtown LA. Enjoy looking at contemporary art and strolling through rotating exhibits. 

Old Town Music Hall 

This iconic venue plays an array of classic, short, and silent films. You can also come for live entertainment of jazz and ragtime music. It has a 2,600 pipe organ as well! 


We want you to explore Los Angeles and enjoy yourself! Experience it with a Papa Pal. Click here to learn more information. 





Activities for Seniors in Philadelphia

Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Philadelphia

Also known as the “cultural anchor of America”, Philadelphia is filled with luscious greenery and beautiful sightseeing to enjoy year round. With over 2,050 acres make sure you walk the trails of Fairmount park and enjoy a picnic. Sometimes you just need to grab an ice cream and enjoy the aesthetics of the Philadelphia Boardwalk. If you’re in Philadelphia during the summer, go check out Spruce Street Harbor Park, also known as a “pop up park” to enjoy beachfront views and atmosphere. If you want to go fishing, boating, or kayaking enjoy the Schuylkill River Trail, which spans 8 miles long through the heart of Philadelphia. Go bike riding at the reopened and renovated LOVE park in FDR Plaza. Its brand new fountains and greenery are also great places to read a book or listen to music. Since 1872, Philly has been passionate about having art maintained and preserved in their city. Walk around the city and notice all the unique pieces of art called the Museum Without Walls. You can do a walking tour or an audio tour to learn more about the sculptures on the street. One of the most enjoyed parks in Philadelphia is Rittenhouse Square because you can do yoga, people watch, and go to the farmers market on the weekends. Make sure you check out the oldest surviving botanic garden in North America, Bertram’s Garden, which is 46 acres of different flowers and plants. There is always something to do outdoors in Philadelphia whether you’re downtown or in the outskirts. 

Fun Activities for Seniors in Philadelphia

With over 85 senior centers in the Greater Philadelphia area, you can partake in many different programs such as line dancing, tai chi, painting, board games, and enhanced fitness classes. Socializing with others at different senior centers can help you build a stronger bond and help you live longer. The best part about the senior centers around the area is you choose what classes or games you want to do and how many days a week you want to go. Exploring the city is easy to do as well, and there are many great options that also have senior citizen discounts. Places like Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, Philadelphia History Museum, and the National Liberty Museum are just a few on the list with discounts! Make sure to visit the Philadelphia Zoo and the Adventure Aquarium if you love exotic animals. Go back in time and visit Carpenters’ Hall, the oldest craft guild in America. Even if you live in Philadelphia, you can still be a tourist here with so much history to explore!

Restaurants and Bars for Seniors in Philadelphia

Because Philadelphia is the 6th largest city in America, you will find many different pockets that have different types of food. During the weekends always be on the lookout for different farmers’ markets in different parks or squares.Some of the most popular are Headhouse and Clark Park Farmers’ Markets. If you're vegan or enjoy farm-to-table style restaurants, head over to Washington Square West. If you're trying to go the more expensive route, treat yourself to a nice steak dinner in Rittenhouse. You can’t go wrong! If you're looking for classic food that is a Philadelphia staple, visit Old Town. If breakfast or brunch is your favorite meal, go to the Fairmount area and get the best omelettes or eggs benedict. If you love all types of food and don’t know what you're in the mood for visit the Passyunk area. 

Cultural Activities for Seniors in Philadelphia

There is endless culture in Philadelphia, but there are classic places that you must go to learn about how the founding fathers established America. Trust me, it’s always better in person! 

Liberty Bell Center

This is an iconic symbol to American independence. Located in National Historic Park since 1753 this piece of history is what makes Philadelphia so famous today. The best part is you can go learn about it for free. 

Independence Hall

Also located in National Historic Park, Independence Hall was the birthplace for the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Learn about how these two documents shaped and defined our country today. 

National Constitution Center

This is the only museum dedicated to the United States Constitution. View original documents and learn its entire history with our founding fathers. 

Independence Visitor Center 

This is one of the best places to start your trip in Philadelphia. The staff is friendly and welcoming to any questions you have. Not only is the architecture beautiful, but you will also learn about where you want to go and what options are available to senior citizens. 

We want you to enjoy Philadelphia! If you ever need a ride to any of these places, choose our Papa Pal service and companionship for an unforgettable experience. 


Papa Announces Appointment of Leslie Courtney to lead Client Success organization


Papa Announces Appointment of Leslie Courtney to lead Client Success organization

Papa, Inc., the nation’s first human companionship platform for the elderly, blind, disabled and vulnerable, today announced the appointment of healthcare benefits industry veteran Leslie Courtney as Executive Vice President, Client Success. Ms. Courtney will play an instrumental role in leading the company’s management of health plan and employer customers, as well as overseeing the implementation function.

“Papa’s rapid growth in Medicaid and Medicare has necessitated that we hire only the best and most experienced executives to manage our diverse business base,” explains Andrew Parker, Papa Founder and CEO. “Leslie brings 20 years of experience to Papa, overseeing and expanding relationships with the largest and most complex managed care organizations in the country. She is a key addition to our executive leadership team.” Said Parker.

Before joining Papa, Inc., Ms. Courtney was SVP of Client Success at MDLIVE, Inc., a telehealth industry leader, where she managed client success, account management and implementation for 5 years, securing a 99% account retention guiding membership growth from 2M to 35M members. She also spent 3 years at Consumers Medical as SVP of Business Development where she led a cross functional Sales, Account Management and Marketing team in the second opinion and variable surgical decision industry.

Ms. Courtney’s career roots started at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island where she increased the footprint of worksite wellness for 8 years before pursuing a client success leadership role at IncentOne where wellness activities could be tracked and rewarded at the member level among health plan organizations. “Papa is positively impacting the whole person health of seniors, and college age students, by uniquely and brilliantly pairing these generations.” Said Courtney. “I am honored to be part of this organization and further the ability for seniors to age at home with dignity and joy.”

Courtney graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Eastern Nazarene College and earned her Master of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management from Springfield College. She will continue to reside in Massachusetts with her husband and two children. She will assume her duties on July 1, 2019.

About Papa, Inc.

Based in Miami Florida, Papa, Inc. is the first and only end to end companionship platform targeting seniors that allows the member to self-direct the experience, while gathering helpful information to improve the members interaction with their insurer. Through the “Grandkids on Demand” product line, Medicare, Medicaid and Duals members receive access to college enrolled students for companionship, light housework and transportation. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian is the notable seed investor and will guide the Y Combinator graduated company through Series A funding. For more information, visit