Papa for Health Systems and Health Plans

Papa allows Health Systems and Health Plans to seamlessly manage their elder patient’s journeys. Through the Papa Platform, we allow families and care teams to manage all aspects of the patient’s transition between the Health System and the home. The Papa Platform is a care logistics and management tool that allows members to access an eco-system of services to support their elder family member’s needs. Through messaging, the Papa patient app, and the Papa provider app; Health Systems and Health Plans can support their patients. 

We have technology to support the various needs of your health care organization. 


Lisa is Papa's AI tool. Lisa helps families and their elder loved ones to manage the journey through aging including all care team communication and care delivery.. 

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The Papa Member ApP

The Mobile app has full white-label capabilities to allow clients to use their own brand. Patient's can access the care services that are made available to them, they can track their experience, and keep in constant communication with all invovled in their care. 

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The Papa Provider App 

The Papa Provider app Can be used with any provider type including the Papa Provider network or client's preferred networks. Papa supports the varying client needs and can support different workflows for different provider types. 


Papa is an ecosystem that can integrate with health system or health plan services and solutions based on client use cases.